Rui En confirms new Channel 8 drama 《阴错阳差》, slated to air in March 2019. Will start filming in mid-September 2018.
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04 April 2017 | 10:29 am
Toggle: 8 local shows to watch in 2017

What’s showing on Toggle and Channel 8 and 5 this year

By Joanna Goh

Have A Little Faith debuts Jul 3, 9pm on Channel 8

RBKD: Link in Toggle includes 2 new photos of Rui En filming the show.

Long story short

RBKD: Have A Little Faith involves a modern-day Robin Hood-like character played by Rui En who cons rich folks and in turn, help the poor. Her life is changed when she meets co-tenant Zhang Zhenhuan, who plays a fashion designer.

Watch it if…

RBKD: Toggle suggested that you should watch this if you enjoy lighthearted programmes and Rui En’s shows, especially since this will be her first attempt at playing a swindler. Read more in the link below.

Cast: Rui En, Zhang Zhen Huan, Chen Shu Cheng, Marcus Chin, Jeffrey Xu, Jayley Woo, Aileen Tan

Source: Toggle

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