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25 July 2010 | 10:35 pm
8 Days #1032

1. Scene & Heard Page 24

Riddle Me This, Unriddle Me That

The stars of Ch 8’s latest crime drama, Unriddle, tell us the riddles that puzzle them. We try our best to provide answers.

Rui En

“Why do guys pay so much attention to their hair? It puzzles me. They pretend to be so garang, but they’re actually so vain.”

2. Feature Pages 38 – 44

Are you an Ordinary or Priority Member?

Idol Worship by Jonathan Fam

A couple of posters of Rui En or Joanne Peh on your wall don’t qualify you as a die-hard fan, at least not according to these fan clubs that expect nothing less than complete devotion to their patron star from members. Here’s the low-down on six local fan clubs.

In praise of… Rui En (Page 38)

Name of FC: RBKD

Established: In 2008.

Slogan: “Traversing the road less traveled, lux veritas” (Roughly translated as ‘light and truth’) as suggested by Rui En.

Prove your loyalty: “Every member writes her a letter every second Friday of the month. By the way, when will she appear on your cover again? It’s already been a year.”

(More on RBKD in 8 Days)

3. Television Page 109, 119


4. Spoilers (Synopses) Pages 122 – 123

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