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Membership Scheme | List of IPC Activities | IPC Guidelines
RBKD Constitution (PDF) | FAQs

Must I register with RBKD Forum before applying as a member? Yes. The email registered with RBKD Forum would be our main channel of communication with you.
Why is it that Priority Members enjoy so many priority privileges over Ordinary Members? Please do understand that the membership requirements for Priority Members are more demanding than that of Ordinary Members, hence the difference.
What does IPC stands for? IPC – Involvement and Participation Credit
How do I earn myself IPCs? By participating in IPC Activities.
What are IPC Activities? IPC Activities are activites acknowledged by RBKD and organised to facilitate bonding between members.
What type of IPC Activities are available? Please check our Forum for more details on on-going IPC Activities. 


Are IPC Actitivies organised by the RBKD Committee? Depends. But most IPC Activities are organised by fellow members.
Why is it so? (Organised by members instead) This is to encourage our members to take greater ownership and initiative within the club.
Can I organise my own IPC Activity instead? Sure, as long as you meet the requirements.
What are the requirements to organise my own IPC Activity? Current Members: Post details of your activity by creating a new topic in RBKD Forum at the IPC board [here]. 

Soon-to-be Members: Post details of your activity [here]. A new topic dedicated to your activity would be created if there’s sufficient interest.

1. Make sure your activity would have at least 7 current / soon-to-be members participating.

2. Submit your application with the IPC Activity Consideration form [here].

3. Await approval (Processing takes up to 14 days).

4. Have fun at your IPC Activity and remember to take a group photo at the end of the day!

Can I just participate instead of organising one? Sure, check our Forum for more details on on-going IPC Activities [here].
Where can I check for the list of previously approved IPC Activities? For a list of approved IPC Activities, click [here].
How many IPCs are awarded to per IPC Activity? For most IPC Activities, 1 single IPC is awarded per activity. Each activity is also allocated with 1 unique IPC code for easy reference.
How do I know if I have been awarded any IPCs? You would receive an email via the email account registered with RBKD Forum on your IPC allocated after the organiser submits the details of participants. The specific number of IPCs allocated would also be mentioned in the email.
Would you help me keep track of the number of IPCs I have earned? Nope. It would be logistically tiring for the committee to keep track for you. You are expected to assume self-responsibility in keeping track of your allocated IPCs.
My friend has insufficient number of IPCs while I have extras, can I transfer mine to him/her? Nope. That would defeat the purpose of IPC isn’t it?
What exactly is the purpose of IPC? To create a platform for members to befriend each other; for members to be fellow-friends instead of just fellow-fans.
I’m now an Ordinary Member, can I apply to be a Priority Member? Sure, as long as you meet the requirements for Priority Member, you are welcomed to apply. Kindly inform us before submitting your new application (
I’m shy/scared, I know no one in RBKD. Should I still participate in IPC Activities? Of course you should! IPC Activities would be the best stepping board for you to befriend fellow-fans!

Things to note about IPC:

1. Approved IPC would be included in the list of IPC Activities [here] with their unique IPC code assigned.

2. Organizer(s) may or may not be assigned with additional IPC(s) at the sole discretion of the IPC Committee.

3. Participants would be notified of their assigned IPC code/number of IPCs assigned via the email address registered with RBKD Forum.

4. All applicants are to take note of their assigned IPCs.

5. RBKD would not be responsible for any loss/damage/injury/harm incurred by the participant during any IPC Activity.

6. RBKD assumes no financial responsibility for any IPC Activity; Participants are solely responsible for all expenses incurred during any IPC Activity.

7. IPCs are non-transferrable and are assigned on the sole discretion of the IPC Committee.

If you have any other question(s), please post them at the IPC Helpdesk [here] or email us at

Last modified on 9 June 2011