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You Are The One


Rui En (Hao Meide), Terence Cao (An Zhengxi), Christopher Lee (Simon See), Chew Chor Meng (Raymond See), Jacelyn Tay (Hao Meili), Nnadia Chan (Hao Meiman), Richard low (Hao Shunli), Zhang Wenxiang (Yucong), Patricia Mok (Lu Hui), Jin Yinji (Jin Qin)

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Hao Shunli (Liu Qianyi) is the head chef at a traditional Chinese restaurant. Blessed with brilliant culinary skills, he is also a kind man at heart. After his wife passed away, he takes on the roles of both mom and dad to bring up his 3 daughters.

Eldest daughter Meiman (Nnadia Chen Songling) is a shrewd and capable lady who holds a high-profile position in an advertising company. Equipped with beauty and brains, she has never been afraid of being unable to find a good husband. She steadfastly insists on establishing her career before considering love and marriage.

Meili (Jacelyn Tay) is a producer in a TV station. A sensitive and loving person at heart, Meili is unfortunately rather boorish in mannerism and average in looks. She longs to start a family of her own but she remains single and unattached after 37 unsuccessful matchmaking sessions.

Her younger sister Meide (Rui En) has just finished her university education and is a very pretty babe. She considers herself belonging to the ‘new’ generation and has been spoilt by her dad and elder sisters since young. Meide’s outstanding beauty, and open-minded, new-age outlook makes her the target of countless amorous young men. Meide knows how to make full use of men’s attempts to win her over but the Gen Y lady believes that an independent woman should not rely on any man at all, and also the fact that marriage and love are different issues.

Meiman, who always overestimates herself, is often at loggerheads with her colleague Ray (Chew Chor Meng). Ray is biased against beautiful women because he feels they use their looks to have their way at work. On the other hand, the generous Meiman finds Ray too calculative and stingy. The two of them never imagined that they will end up together because of an autistic child named Xiaogang. This is the child of Ray’s good friend who passed away two years ago in a car accident. He left behind an aged father and Xiaogang. Ray promised his friend at the deathbed to be responsible for them.

Having lost his own parents at a young age himself, Ray takes extremely good care of Xiaogang, and it changes Meiman’s impression of him. At the same time, Ray observes from Meiman’s interaction with Xiaogang that she has a gentle and maternal side to her. Their common love for Xiaogang also contributes to their decision to spend their lives together.

After countless matchmaking session to find her true love, Meili finally meets her Prince Charming, a Korean entrepreneur An Zhengxi (Terence Cao). He lets her experience for the first time the joy of being pampered by a man. Just when she builds her hopes about Zhengxi, she finds out that Meide is also smitten with him. Knowing Zhengxi only treats herself as an ordinary friend, she backs off and wishes them well.

In her moment of loneliness, Meili discovers that Simon (Christopher Lee), a chef, is devastated after losing Meide to Zhengxi. Meili encourages Simon to leave his pain behind and focus on attaining new heights in his culinary skills. In his time spent with the kind-hearted Meili, they become best friends and gradually fall in love with each other. In an initial friendship without any expectations, a beautiful relationship is born.

Meide’s fairytale romance with Zhengxi is disrupted when the wilful girl clashes with Zhengxi’s traditional mother Jin Qin (Jin Yinji). The latter believes in women serving their husbands and insists that Meide must abide the same rules of tradition and virtue. Meide is unhappy with Jin Qin’s request for a traditional Korean marriage and boldly expresses her opinion. Jin Qin is displeased. Zhengxi is caught in the crossfire. For the sake of her son’s happiness, Jin Qin considers going back to Korea by herself to spend the rest of her life there alone.

Zhengxi is troubled and drained by all the trouble in his relationship with Meide. At the same time, he is unable to forget his deceased first love. How can this fairytale continue despite all these hurdles?


Source: MediaCorp


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Last modified on 14 August 2011