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Sense of Home – Kampung Kid (Cambodia)


Rui En (Caroline), Kee Thuan Chye (Marcus), Tracy Tan (Eva)

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A Singaporean entrepreneur based in Cambodia is forced to re-examine his life – and values – when he is stuck in a remote village on the outskirts of Siem Reap after an accident.

Marcus, a Singapore entrepreneur based in Siem Reap, is about to accept an award from an Asian business journal for “International Entrepeneur of the Year.” Unknown to Eva, the journalist who arrives to interview him, Marcus is far from the successful entrepreneur the magazine has made him out to be. In fact, his company is days away from bankruptcy.

In a last ditch attempt to hide the truth, Marcus and his second-in-command Caroline – a Singaporean also based in Cambodia – take Eva on a trip out to his factory on the outskirts of Siem Reap. Along the way, they meet with an accident.

Waking up to find themselves stuck in a remote village, Marcus is forced to confront the truth as well as re-examine his life – and values – while Eva and Caroline try to find help, to save a young girl they knocked down in the accident.

Source: Mediacorp

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Channel 5

Sense Of Home

(Year 2008)

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