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Love @ 0°C


Rui En (Sun Yixin), Julian Hee (Hu Guobin), Elvin Ng (She Weixiang), Michelle Saram (Qiao Anna), Felicia Chin (Mai Xiaoling), Terence Cao (Hu Guojun), Vivian Lai (Liu Siqi), Chen Shucheng (Hu Zhitao), Xiao Yun (Liao Qunfang), Wang Yuqing (She Jingyuan), Chen Tianwen (Sun Zaifa), Kelvin Tan (Kaiwen)

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A group of students from an Arts School has finally graduated. While Sun Yixin (Rui En) yearns to go on a tour with Mai Xiaoling (Felicia Chin), she mentions in jest that she will only be able to afford the trip if she lands herself a rich husband.

In a chance encounter, Yixin gets into a heated argument with Hu Guobin (Julian Hee) over a bowl of red bean dessert. She meets She Weixiang (Elvin Ng) and learns that he is in the e-commerce business dealing with second-hand fashion. Weixiang readily agrees to loan her an evening gown to attend a social function.

Yixin takes over the cleaning company where her mother Qun Ma (Xiang Yun) is working. Yixin decides to go on a job assignment herself when she realizes that the client lives in a posh residential area. The residents are a stubborn grandfather Hu Zhitao (Chen Shucheng) and an unruly grandson, Xiaohao (Kyle Chen Xingyu).

Over time, Yixin is able to win over the pair of Hus. Xiaohao’s father, Hu Guojun (Terence Cao) helps Yixin to re-structure her cleaning company. To Yixin, the wealthy and good-natured Guojun is a good catch and will help her fulfill her dream of becoming a rich woman.

Guojun and Liu Siqi (Vivian Lai) are an estranged couple whose troubles began when Siqi’s business ran into financial difficulty. Her good friend She Jingyuan (Wang Yuqing) came to her rescue and a misunderstanding ensued with Guojun thinking that his wife had cheated on him. Both of them parted ways subsequently. With Yixin’s help, Siqi becomes re-acquainted with her son Xiaohao. Yixin hopes to bring them together again but this would mean giving up her dream of marrying a rich man.

Zhitao’s second son, nicknamed Attap Seed, returns and is none other than Guobin. With his Taiwanese girlfriend Qiao Anna (Michelle Saram), they set up a dessert stall and engage Yixin to take on the cleaning job.

Yixin runs into Weixiang again. Whenever Yixin and Guobin exchange words, they would take it out on Weixiang. However, Weixiang is secretly attracted to the outspoken Yixin.

When Guobin and Anna disagree over differing business opinions, Guobin not only withdraws his share from the dessert shop in a fit of anger but also breaks off with her. Yixin decides to put aside her differences with Guojun and encourages him to start afresh. When Weixiang injects in a huge capital, Yixin finally realizes that he is the son of ‘Yan Jing She’ She Jingyuan, the real estate magnate who had come between Guojun and Siqi.

Guobin picks himself up and romance soon blossoms between Yixin and him. Guobin has always known that Weixiang takes a shine to Yixin. Torn between friendship and romance, Hu Bin is in a dilemma.

Jingyuan has his sight set on the Hu family’s old house and makes use of Siqi as a go-between. As a result of Siqi’s involvement in the sale transaction, the misunderstanding between Siqi and Guojun deepens. Jingyuan sets out to ruin Guojun financially. Zhitao chooses to save his son over the house and gives up the land deed. Influenced by Zhitao, Siqi also begins to see the importance of strong family ties. When she learns the truth about Jingyuan, she resolutely sells off her own company to help Guojun tide over the financial difficulty.

Anna’s business venture fails and she returns to Guobin, pestering him to move to Taiwan to start afresh. During a fight between Anna, Guobin and Yixin, Anna is knocked down by a vehicle and becomes visually impaired. Guobin is weighed down by his responsibility towards Anna and encourages Yixin to accept Weixiang in the hope that she will fulfill her dream of finding her Prince Charming.

Guojun leaves behind a seashell and a letter for Yixin. In the letter, he makes reference to Yixin’s wish for marriage proposal where the ring is hidden in the seashell. Since he has lost his chance with Yixin, he decides to present his love for her in the form of a seashell.

When Yixin opens up the seashell, she discovers the key to the dessert shop. She turns up, only to find the shop decorated with seashells. She is deeply touched; at this moment, Weixiang makes his appearance bearing a ring…

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Channel 8

Love At Zero Degrees

(Year 2006)

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