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Honour and Passion


Rui En (Bao Wenwei), Pierre Png (Picasso), Ix Shen (Wu Chengyi), Huang Wenyong (Bao Pengju), Tay Ping Hui (Bao Wenjing), Bryan Wong (Bao Wenzhong), Nat Ho (Bao Wenguo), Felicia Chin (Ouyang Peipei), Dawn Yeoh (Liang Xiaonuo), Constance Song (Amy Lim), Vincent Ng (Ben Phua)

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The Four Treasures of the Bao Family

Bao Wenwei (Rui En) is the third child in the family. Her father is Bao Pengju (Huang Wenyong) and she has two elder brothers and a younger brother. She is the only female in the family since her mother died of cancer when she was only nine years old. Their father, Pengju, a full-time soldier, is saddled with the roles of both father and mother, and though he loves his brood dearly, maintains a strict mien. The household is run under strict rules, and there is no exception for the girl in the family either.

The Sassy Lady Officer

A chance encounter with Ouyang Peipei (Felicia Chin) at the swimming pool, a Captain and an instructor with the School of Artillery, leaves Wenjing infatuated with her. He tries to strike a conversation when he meets her at a familiarization course later on, but his ‘coolness’ acts up.

While doing research for the advertisement, Wenwei gets to know female army office Ouyang Peipei. During her interaction with Peipei, Wenwei discovers that Peipei is intricately linked with two of her brothers: Wenjing and Peipei were acquainted during their military training, while Wenzhong and Peipei were secondary school classmates.

The Stingy Graphic Designer

Picasso (Pierre Png) is the new creative director in the advertising firm, and has been assigned to work with Wenwei. Stingy and rebellious in nature, Picasso gets off on the wrong foot with Wenwei right from the start. They are always quarreling about every little thing. Coincidentally, when Picasso attends in-camp training, his commander turns out to be Pengju. Pengju has a bad impression of Picasso because of his slack attitude during training. However, he changes his mind and sees Picasso in a different light when the latter saves a fellow soldier in the face of danger.

The Mysterious Photographer

At a Taekwondo practice, Wenjing gets to exchange blows with Wu Chengyi (Ix Shen). The two men’s skills are closely matched. They then discover each other to be primary schoolmates. Chengyi is a freelance photographer, and has been working in third world countries most of the time. With the air of a philosopher, he would spout a couple of lines on the meaning of life now and then.

During an advertisement shoot that Wenwei is charge of, the photographer she engaged backs out due to some food allergies. Chengyi volunteers his service and takes the place of the photographer. Wenwei is extremely grateful and becomes drawn to this talented yet mysterious man. Chengyi is aware of Wenwei’s feelings for him. However, due to the burden of his mission, he tries to keep Wenwei at arms’ length. In an accident, Wenwei mistakenly thinks that Chengyi has died. Her true emotions touches Chengyi greatly and he finally opens his heart to Wenwei.

Getting to Know You

Picasso and Wenwei are assigned with the task of developing a proposal for the advertisement for the Singapore Armed Forces and get acquainted with Peipei, who has been transferred to do publicity and is overseeing the project.

During the course of working together, Wenwei and Picasso progress from hating to discover the good sides of each other. Picasso subconsciously falls in love with Wenwei, who is a kind and lovable girl. He begins to give in to her every whim, but the careless Wenwei does not notice it.

Picasso used to be a bomb disposal expert in the armed forces, and had a good colleague and friend Ben (Vincent Ng). One day, Picasso and Ben gave chase when they encountered a robbery. In the process, Ben fell down a flight of stairs while trying to save Picasso. Paralysed as a result, Ben sank into despair and even drove his wife and children out of their house.

Wenwei finds out about this incident by chance. She realises that Picasso’s stingy personality is the result of him financially helping Ben, and he is not the slacker he appears to be. Wenwei has a great change of opinion over Picasso. At the same time, she also feels that Chengyi, being frequently non-contactable, has been keeping some things from her. The couple seems to be drifting apart.

Though Picasso is by now in love with Wenwei, he hesitates because of Chengyi’s very presence. He decides to give it all up and leave for an overseas posting. The night before his departure, Wenwei and Picasso are unable to put their thoughts into words for each other. After a sleepless night, Wenwei finally admits to herself that the only one in her heart is Picasso. The next morning, she rushes to the airport but misses out in meeting him. As she downs her sorrows with ice-creams, Picasso suddenly appears before her. Not wanting to have any future regrets, he confesses his love for Wenwei, who accepts him with joy.

The Dark Secret

Wenwei arrives at Chengyi’s home to come clean on her relationship with Picasso. Unexpectedly, she discovers Chengyi’s secret and is held hostage by him and his group. It turns out that Chengyi’s mission this time is to rescue his brother who is on death row. Chengyi has repeatedly used bomb threats to force the government to release his brother, to no avail. The group thus decides to take further extreme action and hold a kindergarten of teachers and children hostage.

When Picasso discovers that Wenwei has been captured by Chengyi, he dashes around searching madly for her. Almost at the end of his wits, Picasso remembers having met Chengyi at a kindergarten, and rushes to the building with Wenjing hoping to get some clues. As fate can have it, he encounters Chengyi and his group barging into the kindergarten. In a face-off, Wenjing and Picasso successfully subdue the group and rescue the teachers and children.

With Chengyi’s directions, Picasso finds Wenwei who has been strapped with a time-bomb. The time of detonation draws near but Picasso is still unable to disarm the bomb…


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Channel 8

Honour And Passion

(Year 2007)

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