Traversing The Road Less Traveled, Lux Veritas.
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Rui En (Rachel), CK (Howard Cheung), Mavis Cheong (Stephanie), Christian Koh (James)

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Love hits us in the strangest ways, occasions and even in the strangest people you would never think you would fall in love with.

That’s what 24-year-old Rachel experiences.

A radio-deejay for Love Hour, a radio show on love, Rachel isn’t your typical radio waves ‘Aunt Agony’ who patiently listens to listeners’ love problems and dispenses cheesy romantic advice.

Well, you see, Rachel doesn’t believe in love.

Brought up by her mother after her father walked out on the family, Rachel holds a cynical view of love. Frank to the point of being blunt, she frequently tells it as it is – that love isn’t a mysterious thing and certainly not a thing for her either.

But that fateful day when a wedding gown fell on Rachel changed all that….

The gown actually belongs to CK, an expat fitness consultant, has a sad past he is trying to escape from. Dumped at the altar by his runaway bride, he was totally shattered before he decided to come to Singapore in hopes of a fresh start. Cool and organised he may seem, but now and then, his memories and emotions get the better of him. While at the gym, CK hears Rachel’s sarcastic anecdote about the falling gown on radio and rings her up to give a piece of his mind.

Rachel’s friends James and Stephanie who are a couple brings her to a speed dating session where she meets a motley selection of guys, one of which is CK!

There are sparks, not of attraction but of animosity between them

But fate does not let hate keep them apart for long.

A strange twist of fate leads to the 2 to become inseparable, literally as they can’t do without the other in their daily lives though still at loggerheads with each other!

But as Rachel and CK learn more about themselves and of each other, their defenses drop when they discover more common ground between them.

The long overdue chemistry between them erupts…


Source: Mediacorp

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Last modified on 14 August 2011