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C.L.I.F. 2


Li Nanxing, Rui En, Qi Yuwu, Joanne Peh, Thomas Ong, Pierre Png, Andie Chen, Cavin Soh, Aileen Tan and Jayley Woo

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See how law enforcers join forces to crack cases, and how police officers, on top of valiantly confronting criminals and overcoming various obstacles, reveal their true feelings when faced with the challenges of love, friendship and kinship. In C.L.I.F 2, there are more spins and twists in cases, more thrilling scenes of pitting brain and brawn against criminals, more investigative work at crime scenes.

The police force is relentless in their attempts to prevent crime and subdue criminals, in a determined bid to apprehend lawbreakers and provide a safe living environment in Singapore. How many obstacles must the loyal, upright, and brave officers face? The police force battles on against the odds with their blood, sweat and tears.

Character Information

Huang Zi Jie (portrayed by Rui En)
Female, 30 years old
Occupation: Specialised Crimes Branch – Senior Investigation Officer

Huang Zi Jie went through a troubling childhood when she saw her elder sister get kidnapped and eventually murdered after being sexually assaulted. The culprits got away scot-free due to insufficient evidence, which scarred the then-seven-year-old her.

Wanting to join the police force, Zi Jie enters the police academy after graduating from university and does well in the force, quickly becoming a Senior Investigation Officer. What spurs her on is her calling to uphold justice.

Due to her experience when she was a child, Zi Jie once lost faith in humanity. Choosing to study psychology in university, she wanted to understand human behaviour. This later pays off as she can emphatise with victims and communicate with them on a deeper level.

Zi Jie is close friends with police academy buddy Wei Lan Tian, whom she always teases about his lack of girlfriends after his divorce. The two develop a deeper relationship subconsciously.

She later meets a stumbling block when investigating a sexual assault and murder case, and has to learn to let go of things she cannot control. She leads Lan Tian and herself into trouble when she enters a battle of wits with the suspect.

Wei Lan Tian (portrayed by Li Nanxing)
Male, 35 years old
Occupation: Head of Forensic Management Division

Wei Lan Tian had a university sweetheart, Chen Yuqi, whom he joined the financial sector with after graduation. After tying the knot, Lan Tian quickly realised that he is not suited for the industry and reconsiders his direction in life. He quits and joins the police force, which leads to a rift in his relationship with his wife, eventually leading to their mutual split.

After graduation from the police academy, Lan Tian heads the Forensic Management Division, specialising in investigation of fresh crime scenes. He cracks countless cases with his relentless effort and partnership with bosom buddy Huang Zi Jie.

Chen Yan Jun (portrayed by Pierre Png)
Male, 34 years old
Occupation: Psychiatrist

Chen Yan Jun looks warm and approachable but is in fact a mysterious and unfathomable person. A gifted child who excelled at academics, he once went overseas for further studies and had a bright future in front of him but was slapped with lawsuits when he took photos of children in the nude. His parents used money to buy his way out of jail but it left a mark on his otherwise spotless record. He switched schools to study and later got his psychiatrist license back home.

His habit of preying on young children continued while he was practicing. He attends his parents’ forced matchmaking sessions out of guilt but gets to know Huang Zi Jie, whom he decides to try to date and have a normal life with. The relationship ends due to his lack of commitment.

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Channel 8

C.L.I.F. 2

(Year 2013)

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Last modified on 7 June 2013