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Beyond The aXis of Truth 2

Chapter 2 – Reborn


Rui En (Fang Xiuxiu), Qi Yuwu (Ye Zhongxing), Wang Yuqing (Lawrence)

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A vehicle traveling along a deserted road on a dark and windy night meets a roadblock. In his haste to avoid the police, the driver tries to turn around his vehicle, only to have the police hot on his heels. He abandons his vehicle and flees. The police opens the truck, only to discover crates containing dead bodies. Upon dissection, it is discovered that there are different organs missing from the various dead bodies. The identities of these bodies cannot be traced in the national registry. Who are they?

An internationally-renowned medical centre is famous for its organ transplant service. The Chief Medical Officer Roland (Wang Yuqing), who has been at the helm for many years, is well-respected. He has a capable right-hand man in the young doctor, Ye Zhongxing (Qi Yuwu). Another world, however, awaits both of them in the dungeon of the medical centre where they clone human beings. They transfer the internal organs of the cloned beings into the bodies of living human beings. Prof Roland believes that saving lives is a highly noble job. However, Zhongxing suffers a guilty conscience considering the pathetic existence of the cloned human lives. He decides to give up the cloning work and takes off with his beloved, Fang Xiuxiu (Rui En).

Will Prof Roland be willing to give up a human specimen whom he has cloned to replace his former wife? How will an innocent and naïve young lady react if she learns the truth of her identity as a cloned being? What will Zhongxing do if he learns that the ‘person’ whom he has fallen for, is not for real? Is there really a cloned being in existence?


Source: MediaCorp


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Last modified on 13 March 2013