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A Promise For Tomorrow


Rui En (Fang Fang), Qi Yuwu (Spiderman), Huang Wenyong (Fang Zhen), Chen Xiuhuan (Huang Huiyin), Mark Lee (Wilson), Ix Shen (Li Haixing), Constance Song (Dai Dai), Nick Shen (Ah Hong), Eelyn Kok (Liu Shiling)

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Twenty-one-year-old Fang Fang (Rui En) has a heavy burden on her shoulders. Her youthful father Fang Zhen (Huang Wenyong) married her mother Huang Hui Yin (Chen Xiuhuan) at the young age of 18. But his luck with ladies did not end there and the family finally totaled up to three kids from three different mothers. Fang Fang’s mother thus left the family in despair.

Fang Zhen has a small stall selling a dual-use wet and dry floor cleaner, which he seldom opens for business. Thus the responsibility falls on Fang Fang to keep the stall running.

Initially, Fang Fang can still manage to get by with her income. However, the neighbouring stall owner, Spiderman (Qi Yuwu), sells everything under the sun and this greatly affects Fang Fang’s sales. The fact that Fang Fang has the misconstrued idea that he has underworld connections further confirms her negative opinion of Spiderman.

Fang Fang’s younger brother Fang Lin develops feelings for his female classmate, Lin Wei An, who is struck with a severe case of liver disease. He even considers marrying her so he can donate his liver to her. This is met with strong objections from Fang Fang and puts their strong sibling bond to test.

Fang Fang is already wrecked with fatigue, running around trying to provide for the family. Unexpectedly, a fourth daughter turns up at their doorstep to acknowledge Fang Lin. Fang Fang can no longer tolerate the situation and declares that she will not support the family. She tells her father off and demands that he bears his own responsibility towards caring for Fang Xiang. Unfortunately Fang Xiang is a child ravaged by illnesses. Not only is she an epileptic, she has also contracted cancer. This causes Fang Lin no end of troubles.

Fang Lin and Fang Hua try to care for Fang Xiang out of empathy but things also end up in a mess. Fang Fang finally agrees to look after Fang Xiang. However, both girls often clash with one another.

Through Fang Xiang’s illness, Fang Fang finds out that Spiderman is actually a volunteer with the NKF and has helped and counseled many sick children and worried parents. Spiderman is also a hare-lipped baby who had a sad past. The compassionate Spiderman works hard to save up for an overseas education to become a psychologist for sick and unfortunate children like himself.

Fang Fang takes the initiative to resolve their enmity. Spiderman also teaches her how to work at improving the bond between her and Fang Xiang. He further introduces her to apply for CMF so that she need not worry about Fang Xiang’s medical bills anymore.

Faced with a lack of suitable donors for a liver, Wei An’s condition deteriorates. As Fang Lin is about to go for a test for transplant suitability, he recalls the words his family said to him and hesitates. At this point, Wei An’s brother, Wei Kang, whom they have always thought to care little for his sister, suddenly turns up at the hospital to donate his liver to his sister despite their grandmother’s objections. Wei An is thus able to pull through the danger. Wei Kang advises Fang Lin that siblings should take care of each other.

Fang Zhen has a girlfriend who tests positive for AIDS, and thus he believes that he has been infected too. In his despair and fright, Hui Yin comes forward to care for him wholeheartedly and this touches Fang Zhen deeply, who once again feels the sparks lighting up between them. Unfortunately, Hui Yin is now dating Fang Zhen’s buddy, Wilson (Mark Lee).

Fang Fang begins to fall for Spiderman but Hui Yin vehemently objects to the relationship as she, like most people, judges others by their appearances. Spiderman is simply unable to ignore the jeers and sarcasms of Hui Yin and the others, who term the pair ‘Beauty and The Beast’, and tries to run from the relationship.

Just as Fang Fang is feeling very low because of her love life, a guilt-stricken Dai Dai (Constance Song) comes back for Fang Xiang, who is in fact not Fang Zhen’s true flesh and blood. However, everyone in the family has already accepted Fang Xiang as one of them and this strong family bond moves Dai Dai greatly. Nonetheless, all good things must come to an end and the family says their goodbyes to Fang Xiang.

As Hui Yin finds herself caught between Fang Zhen and Wilson, an undergrad Ah Hong (Nick Shen), who has been nursing a crush on her for a long time decide to declare his love for her by using violence. Wilson is seriously hurt in the process.

Spiderman tries to stop the mother of a retarded young girl from committing suicide and suffers a heavy blow to the head and slips into coma…


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