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23 September 2018 | 12:50 pm
I-Weekly #1091

1. i: i records 封面之最 Page 35

RBKD: Passport-size pic of Rui En’s 爱疯了 cover

2. OMG! Page 56-58


RBKD: Just a pic of the 7 Princesses’ cover.


RBKD: Passport-size pic of the Ruivin’s cover.


RBKD: Passport-size pic of Rui En’s cover with Chen Liping.

2. 记忆长廊 Pages 89-145

RBKD: Basically a compilation of all the past 1091 issues of i-weekly’s cover printed in passport-size

RBKD: In a nutshell, only pictures of past covers of Rui En were printed, no new content. Cover pictures & links to Rui En’s covers can be accessed from our “News” page actually.

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