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29 August 2018 | 03:47 pm
Wanbao: 新传媒戏剧主管张龙敏突然辞职

黄少伟 报道

是陈碧风丈夫 两人婚姻美满

受访资深演员感突然 陈澍城: 有点措手不及

RBKD: According to the article, Chief Content Officer Ms Doreen Neo will takeover and oversee the drama team following Mr Chong Liungman’s resignation submitted early August. This arrangement will remain so for the foreseeable future. Mediacorp will continue to work with Mr Chong on a freelance basis and have refuted suggestions that he would be venturing into China or starting his own company. Concurrently, it was announced that Mediacorp’s Malaysia studio would also be disbanded at the end of the year. On suggestions that Chen Hanwei will transit into management position, Mediacorp has clarified that as rumours.

Source: Wanbao, Zaobao

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