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25 January 2015 | 11:13 am
I Weekly #900 瑞恩 Rui En 一百个为什么

1. 封面故事 Coverstory Pages 30-38


RBKD: Did you know i-weekly’s predecessor debuted in January 1981, the same month Rui En was born in? In celebration of this, Rui En graces the cover of the latest i-weekly with a “Hundred questions in under an hour” challenge.

Rui En’s parents felt her Chinese name sounded nice enough (we agree) and hence did not give her an English one. But what would she name herself if she could?

What would you do if it’s the end of the world, would you volunteer like how Rui En would? What does Rui En think of the idea of babies named after her?

Oscars for Rui En, is that your wish too? What would Rui En do if she quits acting.

Celebrity vs Actress, is there a difference? Rui En claims her turning point was when she decided to be an actress and not a celebrity. (We think a well-received good actress can be a celebrity but a celebrity might not be a good actress. It’s craft vs fame.)

A hundred questions to help you understand Rui En better. And need we mention how stylish her pictures turned out to be, guess we always take it as a given how gorgeous her photos can be. Grab your copy and enjoy your read!

 photo IW900 29jan2015 coverpg.jpg photo IW900 29jan2015 pg3.jpg

 photo IW900 29jan2015 pg30.jpg photo IW900 29jan2015 pg31.jpg

 photo IW900 29jan2015 pg32.jpg photo IW900 29jan2015 pg33_1.jpg

 photo IW900 29jan2015 pg34.jpg photo IW900 29jan2015 pg35.jpg

 photo IW900 29jan2015 pg36.jpg photo IW900 29jan2015 pg37.jpg

 photo IW900 29jan2015 pg38.jpg

Source: Xinmsn

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