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12 January 2010 | 11:29 am
Faces to watch in 2010!

With some crystal ball gazing into the new Tiger year, we round up the 10 promising stars who [we think] are poised for big success in 2010.

12 January 2010
By Joyce J. Chansingh

Rui En

She is one of the “reigning” seven princesses of Caldecott Hill and dubbed as the icy cool and ‘tough’ one for her nonconforming attitude. Since bursting onto the media scene in 2001 as the “running girl” in a Singtel Ad, Rui En has carved out a career as an actress and singer with various notable achievements. Like an aging wine with its ability to potentially improve its flavour and soften its structure, Rui En, once the young and full of angst individual, is today a matured [and happier] young woman who’s focused on her career. Armed with two breakthrough dramas in 2010, it’s hard to turn our back on the usually aloof actress. Taking on new roles as a ‘ding-dong-merrily-on-high’ cutesy simple girl in a new drama, “Happy Family” (debuts Jan 19th), as well as a wife and pregnant mother with a 7-year-old child in another new drama, “I’m with you” (debuts May 2010), we wonder if this could be a year of awakening for our resident ice queen? Hmm we smell a Top 10 Most Popular Star Award round the corner.

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