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09 January 2010 | 04:23 am
Are co-stars Rui En and Remus Kam on bad terms?

Remus’ comment on Rui En’s well-known abstinence from doing intimate scenes has apparently caused a rift between the two stars in an upcoming Ch 8 drama

9 January 2010
Text: Tan Thiam Peng
Photos: Sharon Toh and Tan Thiam Peng
Video: Alan Yong and Anna Lim

With a title like Happy Family, all does not seem particular joyful between the two leads of Channel 8’s upcoming Lunar New Year drama.

And it seems it all came down to a comment Malaysian actor Remus Kam made about local starlet Rui En’s well-known ascetical stance on doing intimate scenes.

The 33-year-old only learnt about it when he touched down in Singapore to film the show and previously said in an interview that it wasn’t a pity he could not kiss the actress.

“It is not a big deal because my lips have been kissed by many other female stars,” he nonchalantly declared back then.

At the drama’s press conference at Meritus Mandarin last Wednesday, Remus reiterated the very same phrase.

But this time, his co-star was seated next to him, and Rui-En’s expression gave away the fact that his words had put her nose out of joint.

When the 29-year-old actress was later asked to comment in a separate interview, it was obvious her feathers had been ruffled.

“He said wrongly,” was her short but cold reply through a forced smile.

After a couple more probing from journalists, her inner PR machine finally relented. She rolled her eyes, and uttered curtly, “Not like I’m very excited to kiss him. Got better choices.”

We figured she isn’t interested in kissing him anyway.

Throughout their solo interviews, both Rui-En and Remus gave contrary accounts of their filming experience together.

Remus cheekily revealed that he once faked that he was going to kiss Rui En during filming, and said that the actress was “shocked at that moment. She thought I was really going to kiss her.”

Rui En, on the other hand, countered his remark by stating that she wasn’t shocked at all. “No lah, that did not happen. We both knew it beforehand.”

Remus also admitted that they talked very little when the camera isn’t rolling but was also quick to correct himself (politically, that is) to dispel rumours that the two of them could not see eye-to-eye.

“What I meant was, the least kissed mouth is the most valuable, therefore mine is not,” he tried clarifying.

He even went as far to say that they had nothing to clear between each other.

Remus, who has starred in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore-Malaysia co-productions, is not new to controversy with his female counterparts. He was once linked romantically to sex icon and Taiwanese drama The Pawnshop No. 8’s co-star Tian Xin, who famously remarked his name is not fit to be placed beside hers.

We’re no prophets but we predict this might be the first and last time he and Caldecott Hill’s resident ice queen will star opposite each other.

In Happy Family, Rui En plays dimwitted Xiaodong, the foster granddaughter of Jianye (Chen Shucheng), who is estranged from his three children (Chen Tianwen, Darren Lim, Ann Kok). One day, a young Japanese man (Remus) appears, revealing himself to be the old man’s biological grandson. Together with Xiaodong, they set off to reunite the family.

The Lunar New Year serial comes after the success of Reunion Dinner a year ago. It also stars Pan Lingling and Cynthia Koh.

Happy Family debuts 19 Jan, 9pm on Channel 8. Visit for more.

Source: MediaCorp Buzz | Yahoo! News

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