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25 November 2009 | 11:25 pm
Rui En gets too immersed in her role for Happy Family

MediaCorp’s ice princess undergoes an image makeover to portray her gullible and silly side before the cameras.

Nicknamed as MediaCorp’s ‘ice princess’, Rui En underwent a drastic makeover to shed off her aloof image and present a more gullible and silly side to her character in the upcoming Lunar New Year drama series, Happy Family.

She will take on the role of the innocent and kind Xiao Dong, who is the adopted granddaughter of Chen Shu Cheng. Her character originally fell for Shaun Chen’s character in the show, but ends up developing feelings for a Malaysian co-star instead.

In an interview with the starlet, she confessed, “When the audience watch this drama series, they will definitely be shocked because it is very different from my previous roles! When I first received the script, I was not used to acting such a different character.”

In order to portray a lifelike representation of Xiao Dong, Rui En shared that she attempted various methods such as, changing the brand of perfume she uses, listening to Xiao Dong’s favourite upbeat music in her iPod, and reacquainting herself with her long lost childhood innocence.

While the actress was in Chinatown, she discovered a couple of t-shirts that were suitable for her character such as the Obama loose-fitting t-shirts. She immediately bought them for her character’s wardrobe in the show.

“While I was taking photographs for the magazines, the kind of poses I did was very different from what I did in the past. It actually has vibes of Xiao Dong!” she laughed.

Rui En has never thought about her chances of winning the prestigious Star Awards, “No [I did not think of it]. I am feeling very happy to be given a chance to act in this role.”

When reporters asked the actress if she was envious of fellow MediaCorp artiste, Jeanette Aw, for snagging such a meaty role in Together and Little Nyona, she smiled and said, “No. Every ‘princess’ has their own acting career path. I will not compete or compare myself with others. I will only race against myself.”

Happy Family will debut Jan 18, 2010 at 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: MediaCorp Buzz

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