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12 October 2009 | 05:37 pm
8 Days #991

stuff to know Page 68


TAY PING HUI and RUI EN are leading a Battle-Of-The-Sexes face-off at this year’s 10km Nike+ Human Race. The team which clocks the most miles in the weeks leading up to the race will win money for charity. We check in on the sweaty celebs.

Training method
Rui En: “My filming schedule has been intensive, so I’ve had no time to train. I’ve never tried a protein shake in my life, and I’m sure eating my favourite chicken rice is a sufficient diet plan.”

I think I’ll finish the race in…
Rui En: “Depends on how fast the trishaw uncle I hired can pedal. Actually, I’m a newbie runner, so I’m here to have fun. No pressure.”

I’ve been trying to recruit people to my team by..
Tay Ping Hui: “I’m confident more guys will join because… of Rui En! They’re not joining the run to see me, right?”
Rui En: “Since I haven’t had time, my fan club has been a big help.”

The Nike Human Race is on Oct 24. To help Tay Ping Hui or Rui En clock more miles before they big day, log on to to register. You’ll need to buy a Nike Sportsband to upload your running distance and add to your team’s miles. So far, the guys are ahead by over 9,000 km and have won $20,000 out of the $50,000 prize(the contest is conducted in five stages over six weeks).

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