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10 August 2009 | 07:18 pm
Not in tune


National Day is here! And other than looking forward to an extended weekend, we teens can also expect to hear this year’s National Day theme song played again and again over the airwaves.

There is just one problem – the song itself.

So what exactly does an NDP song need in order to score with us youth?

Three things: Fast-paced, catchy music, meaningful lyrics, and how much it touches our hearts.

A good example of such a song is Reach Out For The Skies, the 2005 theme song sung by Taufik Batisah and Rui En, the year I watched the NDP Preview live.

As the song was performed, the sea of students and other spectators was swaying so enthusiastically, I thought they were ready to jump out of their seats and do a song and dance number themselves.

The words to the song were simple, yet conveyed a strong message to Singaporeans to do the best they can and make their nation proud.

Categorised in The Straits Times.