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19 July 2009 | 11:59 pm
Miss Crude or Misunderstood?

Plain candid or just catty? The Queen’s blunt comments on the princesses in Caldecott Hill have drawn fire from viewers, leaving her bewildered and helpless

IT’S not easy being the Queen.

Even before the furore over Zoe Tay’s wrinkles has died down, the 41-year-old Queen (or ex-Queen, as some insist) of Caldecott is facing more criticism.

This time, it’s for an interview that the actress did more than four months ago.

Actor Chen Hanwei, Zoe’s close friend of 21 years, felt it’s the price she has to pay for being number one.

At issue were Zoe’s comments on the Seven Princesses featured in the March issue of Style magazine. (See report on facing page.) The seven are rising stars Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Jesseca Liu, Rui En, Fiona Xie, Dawn Yeoh and Felicia Chin.

Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao picked up the article earlier this week and ran it with the headline: Zoe Tay slams actresses.

With a file photo of Zoe pointing an accusing finger, the article said that she thought Rui En has a chilly attitude, Felicia looks common, Jesseca is bochap (carefree in Hokkien), Dawn has a baby voice.

What Zoe said…

ZOE was asked by Style magazine which of the Seven Princesses could be her successor if it were her call.

Zoe was then asked to play word association as the reporter listed the remaining princesses.

On Rui En: “She’s quite different from the rest. She has attitude and spunk. She is like the Ice Queen and everyone may not like her. But let’s face it, she has left a deep impression in people’s minds.”

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