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18 June 2009 | 11:40 pm
Thank you very much……….

Hello Everyone……..I have been wanting to thank you guys since the Star Awards, so…….Thank you for voting for me, I understand that you guys voted quite a bit, I have no idea how you guys get the money from…but……. and for the recent ComChest show…I’m sure you guys called for that too. I heard that you guys picked up litter and all that… so…so I mean I was very impressed, and was very shocked to know.

So I’m just hoping that this Fan Club…I hope that this Fan Club becomes an organization, becomes a group where your parents don’t…….you know you guys do things that are worthwhile your time and, don’t spend too much unnecessary time doing unnecessary things and I hope eventually you guys move on, to maybe getting a little bit more involved into charity? Because this is what I’m starting to do right now, on my own.

And so, I hope that you’know, it becomes a Fan Club where your parents are not like, “Oh, you are wasting your time here”, but rather, your parents know that “Okay, you guys 有分寸”. I think that’s the main thing luh. 要有分寸啦. Hor?

But I was very very impressed by the people who picked up litter at ComChest, I thought that was very impressive and thank you very much, people who have gone there, because you guys were very loud, and I understand it wasn’t that many people in the end, but you guys were really loud, that was really really really nice… Thank you very much.

And so yup, I hope that eventually this group grows bigger and grows a little bit more mature luh right…like grow a little bit more, I mean I just hope we get to do things that’s a little bit more productive.

I actually really really hope that you guys would go into charity, because I think its really…I think its something that young people really really need to do because when we see people like in different situations, now I’m sure you guys are actually quite okay, leading quite comfortable lives, but there’s actually like a whole world out there, that you don’t know about, these are really like conditions that we can’t even really imagine, like child, like sexual abuse and all that, I think it would be really good for you guys to do a little bit of that next time.

Okay so yup, let’s just be considerate as a fan club and yeap thank you very much. I hope you had a good time yesterday and tonight. Thank you very much………

This is a transcript of the Thank You message Rui En delivered at the Annual RBKD Summer Chalet 2009 on 12th June 2009, at approximately 8.30pm.

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