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13 May 2009 | 06:24 pm
Cynthia Koh: Enough of Darren Lim and prawn noodles

In drama series The School Daze, Koh and Lim acted together once again, as a money-grubbing couple, who try all means to scrimp and save for their child’s tuition expenses. This is also their third partnership as a couple in drama series following Kinship and The Little Nyonya.

Besides, after acting as a couple for three consecutive dramas, the duo has developed a certain level of chemistry, even spontaneously adding extra lines during filming which did not require any form of communication beforehand.

Koh said that co-acting with different actors will result in different kinds of chemistry and audiences are not oblivious to the sparks created on screen. Even the ‘cool princess’ Rui En could not help but break out and laugh at the humorous pair when they start to bicker during filming.

Source: Yahoo! News

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