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29 March 2009 | 07:55 pm
THE STAR Huh? AWARDS / Some strange choices, but some deserving ones too

MediaCorp’s annual prize show is drawing all sorts of flak. And the top six viewer grouses are…

LOVE or loathe it, it’s here once again.

On 26 Apr, the annual Star Awards show, which celebrates the best in local Chinese entertainment over the past year, will be telecast live on Channel 8.

This year’s show, unlike previous editions, stands out for the numerous controversies it has been embroiled in ever since the nominees list was released late last month.

And don’t forget the fuss kicked up by television viewers over the show’s postponement. It has traditionally been held at the end of the year.

The industry talk? Aiyah, so obvious, must be to accomodate The Little Nyonya right, so the show can sweep all the awards.

But it’s not just the TV drama’s dominating presence on the nominations lists that is creating ripples.

Here’s a look at the other “buay song” (Hokkien for not satisfied) factors about the upcoming Little Nyonya… oops, sorry, we mean the Star Awards…

2. Aw, you can’t be serious

Buay Song Factor:

Jeanette Aw in the running for Best Actress? You gotta be kidding!

Why Buay Song:

Though her popularity soared after The Little Nyonya, Jeannette has also drawn heavey fire (particularly on the Stomp and Hardware Zone forums) for her “wooden acting”, “lousy articulation” and “unnatural expressions”.

Our Take:

Whatever you think of her acting abilities, come on, give the gal a rest.

If you caught The Little Nyonya’s “Making Of”special, you’ll know that Jeannette went through a lot of physical hardship for the role, including getting beaten for real during scenes when her character was caned by PanLingling.

In The New Paper Flame Awards earlier this year, Jeannette was expected to bag the Babe of the Year title. But when the final votes were tallied, Rui En clinched the prize.

Perhaps that’s a sign that all hype is just hype at the end of the day. The true extent of Jeanette’s popularity remains to be seen come Star Awards night.

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