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22 January 2009 | 01:29 am
Getting to know the Favourite of your Favourite (Her) – Music Albums

(In no particular order)

1. Continuum – John Mayer
If there ever was an album that came close to being the soundtrack to my life, this is it.


2. 我要快樂? – 張惠妹

She could sing a rubbish song, and I’d still adore it, for me, it’s her voice and the way she feels everything so INTENSELY, that moves me very, very much. I was very embarassingly and literally in tears in my seat at her concert here last year. I like all of her albums but I really liked the overall production and sound of this one, a lot more acoustic. It also contains one of my all-time favorite A Mei songs, “Hostage”.


3. 將愛 – 王菲

Very hard to pick my favorite of all her albums, though I do much prefer her later work, the last few albums before she retired. However, I just had to pick this one because it has the song “旋木” which resonates very much with me, you guys go figure out why :)


4. Indigo Girls – Indigo Girls

Probably one of their most acessible/”commercial” albums. Their lyrics have helped me through many a dark night. Their lyrics are poetry.


5. Taking The Long Way – Dixie Chicks

Music is about escape, no? Listening to this album, I can close my eyes and imagine that I’m on vacation, far far away from here. And. I’ve always had the tendency to take the longer way around.

Note: This was written in year 2008.

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