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26 April 2007 | 10:21 pm

The Straits Times, 26 Apr 2007

Actress-singer Rui En, 25, kept a low profile until she started endorsing American beauty brand Olay last October. An endorsement for the Motorola Red phone followed in December and, later that month, she made it into the Star Awards’ Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes.

Source: The Straits Times

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26 April 2007 | 10:15 pm

The Straits Times, 26 Apr 2007

Rui En, 25, actress-singer
Past endorsements: StarHub’s mobile data service i-Mode, TianPo Jewellery, 7-Eleven
Endorsement income then: A “low five-figure sum” for a single deal, says an industry insider
Current endorsements: Motorola mobile phones, Olay skin-care products
Endorsement income now: A mid five-figure sum per deal that’s “easily over $50,000”, says an insider. Wong estimates she would receive about $30,000 to $40,000 for her Olay deal alone.

Source: The Straits Times

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19 April 2007 | 10:15 pm

April 19, 2007

As if it isn’t enough to have both brains and brawns, up-and-rising actor Elvin Ng has even acted with each and every of ‘The Seven Princesses’ on Caldecott Hill! What luck! Read on to find out what the handsome hunk thinks of these beautiful leading ladies.

Text by He Xingying
Photos by Lam Yen Fong, He Xingying
Videos taken by Gladys Tan, edited by Dion Tang

Compared to Snow White, we reckon Elvin Ng is luckier. Unlike the trusting apple-lady who has seven dumpy dwarfs by her side, Elvin has seven ‘princesses’ ? gorgeous actresses in line to become the next generation of MediaCorp ‘royalty’ – twirling round his little finger. Okay, not exactly that; but eagle-eyed viewers who have been ardently following Channel 8 dramas would realise that the good-looker has had some sort of romantic relationship with five out of the seven ‘princesses’, and has appeared in the same drama as the other two. All that in just three short years.

With that in mind, we hunted down Elvin after the filming session last Tuesday (Apr 17) for upcoming 80-episode family drama Shou Zu (tentatively titled The Foothold) to quiz him about his thoughts on these pretty girls, only to be almost totally caught off guard with his shocking ?revelation?:

“Who are the seven princesses huh?” he asked, tilting his head to the left.

Upon seeing a semi-stunned look from this reporter, Elvin quickly chirped in with a smile: “No lah, I know.”

Phew. So he knows, but of course he ought to know. For the benefit of the uninitiated though, here is a look back in time to see how Elvin began his ‘Princess Hours’…

Rui En
They appeared together in: Love At 0° C (2006)

As the story goes…

Weixiang (Elvin) is secretly attracted to Yixin (Rui En), and he does everything to help her keep her dessert shop. The two eventually get together. On their wedding day, however, Weixiang realises that Yixin still likes Guobin (Julian Hee) and he decides to leave her.

Elvin says…

“She is a very independent girl who has her own way of thinking. She also has a strong personality.”

Source: Channel 8 Archives

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19 April 2007 | 07:47 pm

19th April 2007

Page 11 – 戏剧情牵25

Source: I weekly

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14 April 2007 | 01:58 pm

芮恩 – 我不在乎

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