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11 October 2005 | 01:56 pm
This drama looks promising

11 October 2005



STARRING: Rui En, Qi Yuwu
SHOWING ON: Channel 8, weekdays, 9pm
RATING: ****

IT’S ironic that this new National Kidney Foundation-presented drama is entitled A Promise For Tomorrow.

Things certainly didn’t look very promising at one point when it was being filmed earlier this year.

The production was midway through its course when the NKF saga erupted in July. Fortunately, it still made it to our screens.

The drama sees Rui En in her first lead role as Fang Fang, a young girl who faces the burden of bringing up her step-siblings because of her father Fang Zhen’s (Huang Wenyong) wayward ways with the ladies.

When a fourth step-sibling, Fang Xiang, turns up at the door one day, Fang Fang decides that she has had enough and refuses to help Fang Zhen run the household anymore.

However, Fang Xiang turns out to be epileptic and stricken with cancer, so Fang Fang is unable to stop herself from caring.

Co-star Qi Yuwu plays a disfigured counsellor nicknamed Spider-Man, who was born with a hare-lip and is now helping kids with the same affliction.

Fang Fang falls in love with Spider-Man, but his low self-esteem comes between them.

Whatever the public sentiment, it’s undeniable that the previous NKF dramas we have seen on our screens like A Life Of Hope have all been pretty good.

And A Promise For Tomorrow doesn’t disappoint.

Besides the solid story line, this drama also makes you sit up and take notice of Rui En, who has blossomed into a credible lead after previously being only in the wings with her numerous supporting roles.

***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Mediocre
* Don’t bother

Source: The New Paper

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