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10 August 2005 | 06:06 pm
The Future is Ours To Make – 40 On 40

Posted: 10 Aug 2005, 0900 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)

Story by Felix Siew and Leng Chui Ling
Photos by Lum Ngia, Chua Soon Lye, Alvin Lim, Steven Lim, Jeremy Lim and Ong Hock Chuan

Happy Birthday Singapore!

‘The future is ours to make’, and with every Singaporean contributing to shape the nation, as we look ahead, the outlook is bright and clear! cyberpioneer celebrates Singapore’s 40th birthday by speaking to 40 Singaporeans who have contributed to the success of the biggest birthday bash of the year – National Day Parade 2005 (NDP 05).

“It’s perfect for old people, young people, and everyone in between! Anyone can do it, so I think it serves its purpose as a national dance!”

– Rui En, singer of ‘Reach Out for the Skies’, on “Dance Number 40” which is choreographed to the song’s lyrics.

Source: Mindef

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