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14 August 2002 | 05:29 pm

14 August 2002

LUCKY Lu Rui En.

The former SingTel babe who raced across town to top up her handphone’s stored value card got to flirt with Taiwan’s most eligible pop star, Jay Chou, recently.

Now a singer-actress, she plays his love interest in the music video for his new song, Secret Code.

There were no intimate scenes though. All the couple did was exchange love messages on their handphones.

The closest they got was when he caressed her face after performing a little magic trick to impress her.

After all, Jay is known to be so shy that he refuses to kiss his co-stars.

‘It feels weird to kiss someone I don’t know,’ he said bashfully, ‘Even in my music videos, I’d only hold hands with the female leads.’

By the time the 3 1/2-hour filming ended at 4am, the film crew was dead beat.

Only Jay was still bursting with energy and kept pestering Rui En to play poker with him.

Could that be a secret code for ‘I like you’?

Source: The New Paper

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