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18 March 2019 | 09:56 pm
Watch Now: Episode 9 of “阴错阳差 Hello From The Other Side” (18 Mar, Mon)

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Ru Yin’s parents realised the possibility that she may be dead and are devastated.

Watch episodes 1-9 now, available for free streaming worldwide.

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Episode 9:

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Check out the episodic trailers for subsequent episodes here.

To view other episodes online, please click here. Kindly note that the episodes will only be uploaded after they have been aired on Channel 8.

We hope that you will enjoy the show and we hope to have your support on both Channel 8 & Toggle. Let’s start watching the show & discuss it together, with your friends too!

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Hello From The Other Side 阴错阳差 is now airing on Channel 8 at 9pm from Mondays to Fridays.

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