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13 March 2018 | 03:35 pm
Shinmin: 消失一年 练泰拳甩肉的 瑞恩备战复出?

钟雁龄 报道




#RuiEn’s on front page cover again, this time for… exercising 😂😂😂 We get it. @shinmindailynews #新明日报 misses her as much as we do too. Awww…. Thanks for the updates, happy to see #RuiEn looking real good with those rosy cheeks of hers! 😊 Curious us went to search for the photos said to be circulating on social media, can’t find it though. Why huh? #youknowiknowwhy Till you return to kick some ass on TV, hope you get a good break & have some personal space to yourself. No worries, you know your fans will always respect & give you the space you desire. Till then! Ciao~ 😘

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Source: Shinmin Daily,, ChinaPress, UWeekly

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