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28 June 2011 | 12:45 pm
C.L.I.F. 拿下戏剧收视第一 名 – 白薇秀取代瑞恩成新‘收视女王’?

The viewership figures for the first half of 2011 has been released!

With last night’s climatic rescue, ‘C.L.I.F.’ 《警徽天职》不负众望, and clinched the champion title ahead of Number 2 ‘A Tale of 2 Cities’ <乐在双城>! In fact, last night’s viewership was a whopping 1,041,000!

节目 主要演员 平均观众人数
C.L.I.F. 警徽天职 郑斌辉,戚玉武,白薇秀,黄俊雄,李美玲 924,000
A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城 白薇秀,瑞恩,方展发,朱咪咪, 张振寰,张耀栋 904,000
The In-Laws 麻婆斗妇 李司琪,瑞恩,许美珍,方展发,林明伦 878,000
喜事年年 陈丽贞,洪慧芳,陈邦鋆,李美玲,袁帅 843,000
生日快乐 范文芳,陈汉伟,张耀栋,蔡琦慧 780,000

So this has made it official! Rui En has lost her throne to the new reigning Queen of Viewership Joanne Peh! Her lead roles in the Top 2 dramas have cemented her seat as a top performer!

Even acting powerhouses Lee Si Qi and Cynthia Koh couldn’t help Rui En against the onslaught of the men and women in blue…

The combination of the stellar cast of C.L.I.F. proved to be unstoppable. And all your Romeo lovers out there, you must be feeling validated because Sgt Koh did not die in vain!

But analysing the ratings more closely, is Rui En and Pierre Png the favourite IT couple? Their on-screen chemistry have developed since A Tale of 2 Cities, and came to fruition in the 35-episode In-Laws as Jiazhen and Jian Hai where many viewers cheered on their cursed romance!

Pierre Png 方展发 has also done incredibly well this year! Is he finally on his way to being a viewership magnet?

Rui En still has a chance to catch up with not 1, but 2 shows! There’s On The Fringe 《边缘父子》in August, and her 7pm kungfu serial 《正义武馆》debuting in December (from all accounts, she’s been working her butt off with the intense fighting scenes, so props to her.) , but Joanne Peh will not give up the fight so easily because she will be in the epic A Song to Remember 《星洲之夜》! These 2 dramas will be overlapping so we shall wait to see which Queen will win the final battle!

On The Fringe 边缘父子 debuts 2 August 2011 9pm on Channel 8.

Code of Honour 正义武馆 debuts 5 December 2011 7pm on Channel 8.

Unriddle 2 最火搭档 2 debuts 6 March 2012 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: Bagua8

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