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21 May 2010 | 10:08 am
‘我在你左右’收视飚升 ‘With You’ all the way Up!

These few nights alone, the 9pm drama ‘With You 我在你左右’ registered huge jump in the number of viewers making it the most-watched drama to date in 2010! What do you like most about this drama?

Chen Han Wei 陈汉玮 demonstrated how he could still emote so well without even moving much. This 4-time Best Actor knows how to impress in the craft. Naysayers might have attributed his past winning scores to exaggerated imaging. He has proven them wrong with yet another oustanding performance doing the opposite here.

She was that silly gal in ‘Happy Family 过好年’ jut a few months ago. She jumped out of that role and became the sorrowful widow in ‘With You’. My colleague said she cried whenever she saw Rui En 瑞恩 crying in the drama. That itself is a compliment as she is someone quite familiar with Rui En as a star, yet she could actually feel pain for the character played by Rui En!

Adrian Pang 彭耀顺 has a lot of 观众缘, he is very watchable in every scene. Like Chen Han Wei, he is one of those rare artistes who know exactly how to expand the scope of a role. Put the two together and you get hooked to the television.

Brandon Wong 黄烔耀 and May Phua 潘竖卿 also put up subtle yet outstanding performances. Brandon once told me how he would play the role well – by being naturally understated without overpowering others in the same scene with him. It is easy for any seasoned artiste to ’steal’ a scene yet he opted for being subtle. By giving the limelight to others, Brandon comes alive as the character! The same also happened to a very different May Phua. She is no longer loud and hard, and you could somehow feel her softness and sensitivity as she played her role.

This is one drama where the artistes are truly at the best of their crafts. Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍 said in her press interview that it was pure enjoyment watching Chen Han Wei in any drama. Multiply that compliment for the rest of the stars in ‘With You’ and it is no miracle why so many viewers have fallen in love with the drama…

Source: BaguaTV

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