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29 April 2010 | 11:29 pm
With You 我在你左右 Drama Page

CF88B5A15864DBEFE4C6DEE49BF33.jpg picture by RBKD-online

Initially forced to care for Si Qi and her daughter, Wei Wei, Wen An soon develops a newfound respect for Si Qi when he witnesses how Si Qi faces her problems courageously – from losing her husband to discovering she’s pregnant with his child to learning about a tumor in her womb. She even had to deal with the posthumous knowledge of her husband’s infidelity. This knowledge deals a greater blow to her than news of his death. Emotionally drained and exhausted, Si Qi decides to leave the love she has for Zhang Yang behind, and move on.



With You 我在你左右 premieres 12 May 2010, Weekdays at 9pm, on Channel 8.

For more information, click to access the drama page: Chinese | English

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