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31 January 2009 | 08:16 pm
Rui En's《共和國》Full Version MV???

Keen to catch Rui En 瑞恩《共和國》Full Version MV???

Well, then you have to work hard for it. RBKD will release Rui En 瑞恩《共和國》full version Music Video once 《青蛙》MV reaches 1981 Hits on our Youtube Channel.

So, do your part in promoting《青蛙》MV by embedding or sharing the direct link on your Blog, Facebook, Friendster or Forums etc; the more you do to help 《青蛙》hit 1981 views, the sooner you will get to enjoy Rui En 瑞恩《共和國》MV!

Remember, it’s 1981 hits to《青蛙》before we could release《共和國》; so all the best!

Rui En 瑞恩《青蛙》Full Version MV:

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