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31 May 2007 | 04:52 pm

31st May 2007


七公主 漂亮跌进… …残酷暗战

Source: I Weekly

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24 May 2007 | 07:51 pm

24th May 2007

Page 26 幕后直击 Tv On Location – 一吻定情

Source: I Weekly

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16 May 2007 | 07:41 pm

16 May 2007

WHEN does one plus one not equal to two?

In showbiz, it seems. Hey, we don’t mean that people can’t count. But take this case for instance.

Felicia Chin is Tay Ping Hui’s type. Ping Hui is also Felicia’s cup of tea.

But no, the MediaCorp artistes are not an item – not yet, at least.

But you would not have guessed from the way they gazed lovingly at each other on the set of new local drama Honour And Passion.

The first-time screen couple chatted, teased and made faces at each other even after the director shouted, “Cut!”.

They were filming a wedding scene alongside three other pairs – Bryan Wong and Dawn Yeoh, Rui En and Pierre Png, Huang Wenyong and Hong Huifang – for their new show which debuts in July.

Honour And Passion revolves around the lives of soldier and single father (Wenyong) and his four children (Ping Hui, Bryan, Rui En and newcomer Nat Ho).

Filming the wedding scene also brought out different sentiments about the artistes’ notions of their ideal weddings.

For instance, Rui En proclaimed that she would “elope in a T-shirt, shorts and slippers”.

She cried: “I’m not going to wear a wedding gown. I think acting has taken the surprise away from me.

“Wedding gowns are just itchy and uncomfortable.”

The 25-year-old actress is, however, comfortable with her on-screen husband Pierre Png.

“He’s such a joker. He’s intentionally and unintentionally so.”

“I’ve had to learn how to control my laughter because he keeps making me laugh,” said Rui En.

But those two weren’t the only reel lovebirds having fun.

Source: The New Paper

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15 May 2007 | 07:02 pm



陈慧湘 采访报道
陈慧湘、何星莹 录影
陈慧湘 剪辑
邓永君 摄影

昨天(14日),新传媒新剧【宝家卫国】里的4对新人步入教堂结婚啦!不要看其中3位美美的新娘温柔、甜美又贤淑的样子,其实… 嘿嘿!她们都是新一代的“野蛮新娘”!请看以下示范…


剧中,芮恩饰演严厉军官黄文永的女儿,是“宝家”唯一的女人。由于全家都是男人,养成她男人婆的个性,招牌动作是“出掌打人”,哥哥弟弟(郑斌辉、王禄江、鹤天赐)无一幸免。可是… 记者发现,她私底下打人似乎比拍戏时还凶!




Source: Channel 8 Archives

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14 May 2007 | 10:24 pm

14th May 2007

芮恩即将发新专辑 写词填词全自己来

Source: U Weekly

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03 May 2007 | 07:09 pm

3rd May 2007

Source: I Weekly

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