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19 March 2005 | 04:31 pm

19 March 2005

RUI EN: THE 24-year-old actress/singer’s crush was the most short-lived – but maybe because he was already attached.

Rui En said: ‘I was 14 and he was a few years older. He was fair, tall, and very Japanese-looking even though he was local. And he was definitely unattainable because he had a really pretty girlfriend.’

Rui En and her fella mixed in the same social circles, but were never introduced.

But that didn’t stop her from writing his name on her textbooks or freezing whenever he came into the room. She added: ‘I would become very quiet and sneak peeks which I expect were very obvious to him.’

After just two weeks, the heart-fluttering died off.

Rui En – who will be performing Shuai Bu Diao, a track from her album, at the High On Life concert – saw him a few years ago, but heard that he ‘went away to study’.

Predictably, Rui En would never consider hooking up with him if he breezed into her life again.

‘Sometimes dreams should stay just dreams. It’s more perfect that way.’

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07 March 2005 | 05:58 pm

7 March 2005

连首次合作的芮恩和他对戏对久了,也忍不住赞叹:“哇,你蛮像韩国人的哦。”“我听了之后,就回应:‘嗯,你现实生活中也蛮任性的嘛。’ 国辉得意地笑说。

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03 March 2005 | 09:11 pm

3rd March 2005

Contents – Bling It On

Who is “diamond-studded”?

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