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30 December 2004 | 11:09 am

30th December 2004

Page 56 & 57 Stars & Cars – Big Is Beautiful

Source: 8 Days

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23 December 2004 | 02:18 pm

23rd December 2004

Page 94 – Frequent Flyer

Source: 8 Days

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16 December 2004 | 07:50 pm

16th December 2004

幕后直击 Tv On Location – 湿乐园

Source: I Weekly

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16 December 2004 | 12:06 pm

16th December 2004

Page 22 Scene & Heard – First Look!: You Are The One

Source: 8 Days

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11 December 2004 | 05:46 pm

11 December 2004

Playing against type, glamourpuss Zoe Tay is quite funny as a hooligan. But will this role gain her thespian street cred?
Channel 8 Weekdays, 9pm

Awards or no, we say Tay’s tomboy turn in this Channel 8 drama is well worth a watch.
As the ringleader of a group of hooligans, the actress seems to enjoy unleashing her character’s loudmouthed brashness.
Also putting in pleasantly surprising performances is the fresh-faced pair of Vincent Ng and Rui En.
The latter plays Tay’s step-daughter and the former plays her boyfriend. They make an unlikely couple, with the brawny Ng covering up his muscular physique for once to convey his character’s loveable geekiness.
Rui En’s character is an outspoken puppeteer, and the role showcases the actress-singer’s bubbly persona.
But all in all, a fun show to follow. Watch out for the finale next Tuesday.

Source: The Straits Times

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09 December 2004 | 10:40 pm

9th December 2004

Page 18 Scene & Heard – Shine On

Star Awards 2004 – Most Popular Newcomer Nomination

Newbie Catfight?

Source: 8 Days

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09 December 2004 | 07:59 pm

9th December 2004

Page 58

Source: I Weekly

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08 December 2004 | 06:59 pm

08 December 2004


PITY my second helping of Achar left a sour taste in my mouth.

The sitcom premiered with the novelty of an inter-racial marriage and cross-cultural clashes on its side, spiced up by the much-reported off-screen skirmish between its two leads, Bollywood hunk Jas Arora and Chinese-Australian babe Steph Song.

The appealing, fresh-faced couple played opposites-attract newlyweds Ajay and Stephanie.

This season, singer-actress Rui En replaces Steph, and apparently got along swimmingly with Jas.

But maybe some of that old spice goes a long way, because the comfortable chemistry between them is more of the good buddies kind than of the passionate lovers variety.

With her exaggerated gestures and facial expressions, baby-faced Rui En proves she’s better-suited for Channel 8 comedies.

Despite a sophisticated wardrobe and hairdo, she still can’t match Steph’s edginess, and comes across as too young, too bubbly and too childish for Jas that he almost looks like a cradle-snatcher.

And that’s not very funny.

Speaking of which, Achar seems to have lost its recipe for clever humour and relies on leftover stereotypes instead.

The second season opened with Ajay and Steph forgetting their first anniversary, with things getting messier when the meddling in-laws conspire to get their offspring in the mood for love.

Ajay’s roly-poly mum Uma (the ever-reliable Malti Lalwani) scatters tealights, aromatic bath oils, rose petals and gold dust on the floor.

Predictably, Stephanie’s parents bring plastic flowers, a cake, Yomeishu and cheena red lingerie, causing Uma to exclaim: ‘You’re supposed to inspire romance, not horror.’

Unfortunately, Achar 2 doesn’t inspire much laughter either.

Achar 2 is showing over Channel 5, Thursdays at 8.30pm.

Source: The New Paper

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02 December 2004 | 08:04 pm

2nd December 2004

视非街 Tv News – 婚姻物语

幕后直击 Tv On Location – 热婚了

Source: I Weekly

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