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19 July 2002 | 04:21 pm

19 July 2002

Various Artistes
(Hype Records/MediaCorp Studios)
*** 1/2

Also on the Express are Michelle Saram, with three tracks from her Fantasy serial, and new face Lu Rui En. Channel U defector Jeanette Aw also does a passable turn with Was It Wrong?

Source: The Straits Times

Categorised in Morning Express 6, The Straits Times.

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10 July 2002 | 08:05 pm

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陈泰铭在戏里、戏外的老婆Andrea De Cruz与陈莉萍皆双双有喜,难怪他成天笑逐颜开啦!

Categorised in I-Weekly, No Problem 考试家族.

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01 July 2002 | 03:19 pm

Categorised in Channel 8 Archives, No Problem 考试家族.

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