Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2016 | 12:10 am
Birthday Wishes from You! (Overseas Fans)

Happy 8th anniversary!!! Hope RBKD can continue with Rui En & continue counting forever!!! 😘💕💖💗💯 We forever love RBKD and Rui En! ❣

Ng Khor Ching (Malaysia)

4th October 2016, 21:10h

I’ve admired Rui En since I was small, every year during Star Awards I just wish to see Rui En getting an award and giving a speech. Rui En’s dramas have accompanied me for years from a little kid become a teenager. Rui En is always a role model for me.

Time past fast, RBKD turns EIGHT in a blink of an eye. So I wish RBKD all the best, have more activities and always support Rui En! I wish I could be a part of RBKD one day! Good luck!

Ee Jyn (Malaysia)

4th October 2016, 21:35h

Happy Birthday RBKD & 8th Anniversary to RBKD~~《瑞不可当》继续努力,继续默默地支持属于我们的偶像瑞恩,瑞不可当的衷心是无笔墨可形容的,Gambatte RBKD~~!!!

Tan Shi Hua (Malaysia)

4th October 2016, 22:01h



RBKD绝对是瑞恩的最佳后盾 💕

🎂 Happy 8th anniversary to RBKD

Lim Jin Ru (Malaysia)

4th October 2016, 22:01h


Camille Peng (China)

5th October 2016, 02:46h

Hello RBKD,

Not the most ardent Rui En fan, but still try to watch all her shows.

Keep on acting and keep the club going!


Kong Leong (Singaporean based in Melbourne)

5th October 2016, 08:29h


Xiang Ting (Malaysia)

5th October 2016, 14:09h




王晓倩 (Shenyang, Liaoning, China)

7th October 2016, 12:17h

生日快乐RBKD 希望瑞恩幸福快乐 会一直爱着瑞恩


Yi Ning (Malaysia)

7th October 2016, 22:23h

Happy 8th anniversary to RBKD 🎉🎉
RBKD 八周年庆快乐丫 🎉🎉
RBKD already eight years …
Still more years to go!!
RBKD HOORAY!! 你们是最棒的 !!!
Rangel Forever ❤️❤️
I’m very proud to be a Rangel 💙
Forever support our lovely QueEN 👑
我们永远与瑞恩同在 🙆 🙆
💗 瑞恩 瑞恩 瑞不可当 💗

Lynette Ng (Malaysia)

9th October 2016, 14:57h

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you… (Clap Clap Clap)

It’s so fast, isn’t it? I cannot believe that I know you, RBKD for over 2 years now.. This is my third time, wishing you on your anniversary!! Once again, you guys have never failed to surprise our Queen Rui En, to make her happy.. This year is a tough year for her, yet I’m proud that you guys stay by her side, cheer her up, support her through any means… Thanks for spending time sharing news to fellow Rangels, like me even though you are very busy… Once again, I’m always proud of you guys for your unwavering support for our queen and strong bonds among members…

Happy 8th years anniversary, RBKD!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Khmom Phallin (Cambodia)

10th October 2016, 20:58h


I would like to thank RBKD for supporting Rui En for so many years. I myself am a big fan of her since 9/10. I hope RBKD will last forever and ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RBKD <3333


Rachel Keah (Malaysia)

13th October 2016, 07:20h

Dear RBKD,

Happy 8th!! Hope there’s more to celebrate! Although I’m not in RBKD, but I will still support Rui En! All the best to everyone of you!! Fighting!!

Vanessa LT (Penang, Malaysia)

16th October 2016, 13:32h

I’m a fan of RBKD since I was 10 years old and now I’m 14. I can’t believe that I have been loving Rui En and RBKD for 4 years. I hope that all the fans of RBKD will have a god bless and keep loving Rui En and RBKD.

Happy 8th anniversary to RBKD!

May (Malaysia)

16th October 2016, 13:40h

Congrats RBKD turns eight!!! RBKD fighting!!! Rui En also fighting!!!

Kah Hang (Malaysia)

16th October 2016, 14:22h

8岁生日快乐🎂 感谢你们让我了解了许多关于瑞恩的消息 也祝瑞恩以后工作生活顺顺利利 最主要天天要开心!

丽娜 (Shanghai, China)

16th October 2016, 18:07h

祝8周年庆快乐!!在此要送上满满的祝福外,还有的是赞美。经历的这几年团体的付出和行动除了代表瑞恩还有对社会的关怀值得备注,这些都有是好的影响力~~ RBKD生日快乐!瑞恩有你真好。感恩~

Jacklyn Tan (Malaysia)

17th October 2016, 15:51h

Happy 8th Anniversary RBKD!

Looking back on the year gone by, I really love and enjoy supporting this club. Thought your efforts that change many lives even youngsters willing to stand up and be part of RBKD to support Rui En no matter what circumstances. So continue to shine cause you guys will always be the best. Hope you guys have a brilliant anniversary celebration

Jacqueline Tan (Malaysia)

20th October 2016, 14:36h

Dear RBKD,

Happy 8th Anniversary!!

I consider it a privilege and an honor to be able to stick with you through thick and thin. Tears never fail to well up in my eyes whenever I am reminded of the unwavering support that you have given to Rui En over the course of the year.

Every year, you set higher bars on what you are capable of and the positive impact you have on society. Thank you for being one of the biggest reasons I brag about for being a Rangel. Keep up the amazing work.

May you continue to grow stronger and mightier and be blessed with the best of everything!


Celine (Malaysian studying in the USA)

22nd October 2016, 08:35h

Happy birthday RBKD! Eight years is not easy, eight years continue supporting En is also not easy! Keep it up and continue loving En!

Yeong Yen Ting (Malaysia)

24th October 2016, 15:20h

Happy 8th Birthday RBKD! Wish you all the best, Stay Awesome.

Mandy (Cambodia)

26th October 2016, 14:30h

Congratulation 🎉 to Rui En 👑 for RBKD turning eight!! Happy birthday 🎊🎉🎈💝 RBKD!

Yap Zi Ying (Malaysia)

31st October 2016, 12:56h

瑞恩 瑞不可当

Angela Chang (Malaysia)

1st November 2016, 00:00h

Happy birthday RBKD ❤❤

Yanxin (Malaysia)

4th November 2016, 19:16h

Wishing RBKD happy 8th anniversary!! Hope RBKD can unite all the fans and organise more activities in the future. I’m proud that I’m a fan of Rui En.. Thank you RBKD for letting me as a fan know more about Rui En.

Jia Wen (Malaysia)

4th November 2016, 20:21h

Happy blessed birthday RBKD. May God bless this community of people who organised this.

Reianne Hoon (Singaporean living in Hong Kong)

4th November 2016, 20:37h

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Thank you so being such an inspiring community for me and others. Thanks for being there all the way with Rui En. May all the best blessings rain upon this community today and always.

Carissa Lai (Malaysia)

4th November 2016, 23:55h

Happy 8th Anniversary to RBKD! 🎉👏👍

#Alwayswithyouruien 💪😘


Yoke Foong (Malaysia)

5th November 2016, 07:03h

Dear RBKD, happy 8th birthday!

Thank you for being a pillar of support for Rui En all this while. Thank you for setting good example as a great fan club. Rui En must be very proud of it! Although I’m not active but I always follow her news and support her. May RBKD continue to grow stronger and spread the loves to the people around you. May Rui En continue to film good production for us and excel in whatever she does! 💖

Tan Jie En (Malaysia)

5th November 2016, 09:43h

RBKD turns (the auspicious) 8!

Here’s hoping for many more years of wealth (lots more fans), prosperity (of mind) and good fortune (keep those dramas coming RE!)!

I am a proud and unwavering supporter of Rui En so let’s let our inner freak flags fly and continue to fangirl over the Queen!

Odelia (Canada)

5th November 2016, 09:49h


Keep going with your Teamwork and Hardwork!

Love from Indonesia,

Mei Ita (Indonesia)

5th November 2016, 11:33h

祝:RBKD 生日快乐!

王沁芝 (Neijiang, Sichuan, China)

5th November 2016, 12:10h


  • Snail commented on 15 November 2016, 01:58am:

    Thank you for the love from afar. It is always amazing to know that love for Rui En is not restricted to distance and boundaries.


  • Weijen commented on 15 November 2016, 09:25pm:

    Yes it is amazing to always receive birthday wishes from afar, thank you everyone!