Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
15 November 2016 | 01:35 am
Birthday Wishes from Club President

8 years. Who would have imagined that?

Looking back, what have we all learnt and gained from RBKD?

The truth is, without RBKD, most of us would never ever have joined a fan club.

Life would have been very different.

But this year, I’m especially thankful to RBKD for granting me the legitimacy to be there for her.

To cheer, to show love, concern, support and faith. To just be able to do something for her and be there for her. It’s a gift. I firmly believe so.

Hard knocks are meant to uncover the precious diamond hidden in the rock. You don’t see people knocking marshmallows, do you?

But believe me. When the diamond has been revealed and cut, there will be hard knocks no more.

So dear RBKD and the humans in here,
I wish for the diamond to shine and for our love to last,
For the one to always be loved and for us to grow in wisdom, courage, strength and unity, as friends and team mates.

May the ship continue to set sail, towards bigger dreams and be protected by light and truth, trust and love.

Continue to dream, continue to give, continue to love.


Counting down to our 10th!

Happy Birthday, RBKD!

Stay blessed!

Lovin’ you a lot, lovin’ her a lot too. 😂



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