Can you spot young Rui En in our midst?
01 October 2011 | 01:00 pm
Snail’s Sharing: The Best Actress and Her Wins


Why should we let a Best Actress win determine if Rui En is good enough?

If we don’t, why do we still hope to link her good performances to wins?

Is a Best Actress win the only yardstick to good performances?

It doesn’t make sense to me. If she is good, she is good; if she is not, she is not. I think she is good, therefore in my opinion, she is good. Why should I think she is good only because someone (judges) else thinks that she is good? So is she good because she is really good or is she good because others recognise her as being good by conferring her the title of Best Actress?

I remember that we were so not hopeful of her winning the Best Actress at Star Awards. But I also remember telling my members, it doesn’t matter if she will win or not, because in our hearts, she has already won, she is our Best Actress, regardless of who the judges choose. So you cheer as loud as you think Rui En is deserving of the Best Actress title. Of course that night, we were the loudest, and the judges agreed with us, so we won.

Did she perform better because she knows she will win? Will she not perform better if she knows she will not win? No.

So what now? Is a Best Actress win no longer valuable? No.

The Best Actress win is as valuable as it is to receive the compliments of any other members of the public who come up to you and give you an approving nod for your performance. After all, the Best Actress win represents approving nods too.

So to me, for Rui En to win the Best Actress, though warmly welcomed, will not replace my own yardstick to gauge her performance. That yardstick is the moment when I connect with her role on TV, and my heart is touched by her performance. Winning is, icing on the cake, definitely nice to have but it is not everything.

What about you? What do you think? What’s your take on my 3 questions posed? Or your take on what I have shared? Share with me, I’m genuinely keen to know.

Snail's Sharing

  • Joan Chen commented on 2 October 2011, 12:02am:

    There are many varying factors involved in a BA nomination and win. Though there is (might be? not sure) a standard set of so call “judging/marking” scheme, but its still subjected to judges’ personal preferences, judges’ personal inference on the set of judging scheme and their own character interpretations of the roles acted out by the actress which might differ from the actress herself.

    A no win/ nomination does not in itself represent that she is not good enough as judgments can be pretty subjective in my opinion.

    A win in the BA to me is a form of encouragement to the actress as well as the recognition from the panel of judges that they are agreeable with the actress’ interpretation of the role as well as the consistency shown her performance.

    To me, of course I would hope that RE would win when nominated as it can be a motivational tool to push her a higher level.

    A good performance to me is when the public and/ or i are/ am touched by her performance. I look forward to her every role not just plainly because I like her as an artiste but to me she brings life and characteristics in the different roles that she acted thus far.

    She has successfully “created” different mannerism for the different roles that she has. Even the way she cries are different in her various characters. For example, the way Siqi cried differs from Jiazhen.

    RE looks into the details of each character. This is what i appreciate about her acting, and that is why one never gets tired of her if we watch a show for the characters of the show rather than just plainly watching a show for the story. It is also this fine detail that separates her from other actresses as well.

    I must say my yardstick of gauging her performance is moving upward with her every appearance as she is improving at an alarming rate! Ha ha!

    So what is my conclusion? I happy to see her enjoying herself in each role that she has, and be able to act it out in a consistent manner. A BA win is something nice to have but not the entirety to determine a good performance.

  • celest commented on 2 October 2011, 06:33pm:

    Winning doesn’t mean everything and should not be used solely to judge a person’s performance. We surely would have come across undeserving wins before. Hence not winning does not equate to poor performance, sometimes it also depends on the competitors, individuals’ luck and the right timing.

    I regard Rui En’s Best Actress win as FINALLY a form of reward for her hard work and perseverance all these years and also a career recognition for her good acting performance. In fact I am contented with just one Best Actress award for her as it would make the most memorable moment for all of us. Remember how ecstatic we were…..jumping up and down when the result was announced that night? And she being someone who doesn’t yearn for awards, the more we shouldn’t pressurize her too much with associating a win to a good performance.

    However, we can’t deny that we will still be disappointed if she doesn’t win when she deserves to. Again these are things we can’t control and as long as she is the best actress in our hearts, that matters the most.

    I would actually be more happy to know that her dramas are well-received based on the viewership ratings and viewers’ comments because that would be the most direct way to know that the viewers like her roles and her performances. I always believe that audiences are always drawn towards a character if the actor/ actress have portrayed them well. And it has been proven that she has always put in more than 100% effort for every role that she has portrayed and made them as perfect as possible.

    So finally my answers to the 3 questions:

    1)Not necessary. A win for her would be more of an achievement for her. She is still good if we think she is.
    2)Because we would still be quietly disappointed if she didn’t win.
    3)No, it is not the only yardstick as long as viewership is good.