Rui En confirms new Channel 8 drama 《阴错阳差》, slated to air in March 2019. Will start filming in mid-September 2018.
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Unriddle 2


Rui En, Chen Li Ping, Tay Ping Hui, Elvin Ng, Xiang Yun, Zhou Ying, Joshua Ang, Huang Qiming, Adam Chen, Yuan Shuai, Romeo Tan, Julie Tan, Rebecca Lim, Lim Mei Jiao, Adeline Lim, Sora Ma, Ng Hui, Chen Tianwen & Brandon Wong etc.

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Zhengyi Trapped

Day 8. After leaving a dagger in the eatery, Asura disappears without a trace and is never seen again. Zhengyi confirms that Asura’s purpose in coming to Singapore from Tokyo is to avenge the death of his brother, Shanfan. But why has Asura not make his move yet? During these eight days, Zhengyi lives in fear that Asura will appear any time.

In the meantime, Xiaoman is transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department to assume the position of Deputy Director. Together with Yuze, who has resumed duty, both of them oversee the case involving Asura. She deduces that Asura was acting mysteriously to instill fear in Zhengyi. The elusive Asura finally strikes on the night of the eighth day, with an attempt on Zhengyi’s life. Xiaoman happens to appear on the scene, and both of them are thrown into a fierce battle….

A murder case surfaces shortly after. The victim is a triad member from Japan. Xiaoman and Yuze link the victim to Asura. Using the victim’s identity as a lead to their investigations, Xiaoman and Yuze chance upon some Japanese triad members operating secretly in Singapore. As Xiaoman and Yuze go into action to arrest them, a clash ensues. The leader, Kuroda Yutaka (黑田丰), is arrested, but they lost track of Asura.

Through Kuroda Yutaka, Xiaoman and Yuze learn that Asura is not only seeking revenge on Zhengyi but was hatching a plot….

The abyss of suffering

Dylan continues to woo Xiaoman, but Xiaoman indicates point blank that Dylan is not the man for her. Although Dylan is disappointed, he is determined not to give up pursuing Xiaoman’s love.

Soon after, Xiaoman discovers that Yuze is secretly investigating Dylan for he suspects that Dylan murdered his ex-girlfriend, Fan Huizhong. Xiaoman is aware that Dylan and Huizhong were once in love with each other. She suspects that Yuze is convinced that Dylan is the murderer out of jealousy. Yuze’s unit adopts unlawful procedures to monitor Dylan’s movements covertly in an effort to nail him….

Xiaoman finds nothing suspicious about Dylan, and feels that Yuze is too eager to avenge his ex-girlfriend’s death. He has no evidence whatsoever to charge Dylan. She also suspects that Yuze is abusing his authority, seemingly to punish Dylan personally. To stop Yuze from committing more mistakes, she has no choice but to suspend Yuze.

Yuze pursues the case relentlessly but succumbs to illness. He collapses and goes into a coma….

The final battle

Xiaoman recalls the string of events which seem unconnected. However, after piecing everything together, it dawns on her that someone was manipulating the chain of events to target her in an attempt to land her in trouble. Xiaoman and Zhengyi are determined to fish out this mysterious person.

Zhengyi has already sensed that Xiaoman seems to be obsessed with capturing the murderer. Zhengyi is worried that her best friend is slipping into the fringe of the dark side. If she does not pull her up, Xiaoman would eventually commit an unpardonable mistake.

Langfeng suddenly gets hold of evidence on Xiaoman’s crime, forcing her to quit the police force. Did Xiaoman really break the law by killing criminals as a way of punishing them? What was Langfeng’s stance? Was he trying to help Xiaoman or destroy her?

Who was the manipulator out to get Xiaoman?

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Channel 8

Unriddle 2
最火搭档 II

(Year 2012)

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