Rui En confirms new Channel 8 drama 《阴错阳差》, slated to air in March 2019. Will start filming in mid-September 2018.
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19 July 2013 | 10:18 am

By Gladys Chung

It comes as a surprise when actress Rui En says some of her favourite bags are brand-less canvas totes, and that she used to be a tomboy who hated dresses.

After all, the 32-year-old was dressed in a flattering and slinky Grecian-style toga dress for this interview and photoshoot.

And who can forget the beautiful plum Christian Dior tulle gown she wore at the Star Awards show in April, where she won her second Best Actress award. She also won that night for Favourite Female Character and Top 10 Most Popular Artistes.

“It was an Academy Awards-ready gown, I chose it just three weeks before the event, and I looked forward to wearing it.”

“It was ‘princessy’ but the dark colour made it classic and ‘me’.”

She admits she could have handled the dress more elegantly that night. She had seemed exasperated at times when she had difficulty moving about in the gown.

“It was lightweight but there were so many layers of fabric and I was kind of wrestling with it,” she says.

“But I promise I will get better at this.”

This disarming honesty and lack of pretension, on top of her pretty girl-next-door looks and acting chops, have won Rui En fans, as well as the attention of marketers.

In May, she was named one of the faces of the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code skincare range. She joins a roll call of A-list international celebrities, such as Gong Li, Li Bingbing and Fan Bingbing, who also front the range of skincare.

The ambassadorship is apt as Rui En is a self-professed beauty junkie. She loves trying new skincare products and make-up and uses a different mask every night on her dry and intolerant skin.

To keep healthy and give her face that extra glow, she works out religiously with home videos. And every morning, she downs green detox drinks made from recipes she found on the Internet.

Rui En started her career in show business when she was 20. But the industry started to take serious notice of her only in 2011 when she won her first Best Actress trophy at the Star Awards that year for her role as a widow in the drama serial With You.

Rui En says the nomination in 2011 made her pay more attention to her clothes.

“It was the first time I had to dress up properly for an event and I had so many choices. I felt very lucky but confused too.”

“My sense of style was not set then, so it was just a whirlwind of trying on all sorts of outfits and just seeing what worked for my image.”

In the end, she picked a steel grey Hermes pantsuit, with a black belt tied stylishly and provocatively around her neck.

These days, she knows instinctively what she likes: “Nothing revealing, but classic, simple, clean and accessorised with diamonds.”

7 things in her bag

1. Soul by Ludacris headphones

This was a Christmas present I received last year. Its sound quality is good and it blocks out noise. I love music, and listen to everything from country to K-pop. When I’m travelling, I’ll plug into this and be in my own world.

2. Museli bars

I eat these when I am shooting and have to be constantly on the go. They are quite sweet and taste good, and they keep me from bingeing on the unhealthy stuff.

3. L’Oreal Youth Code prodigious rejuvenating pre-essence

I apply this essence on my bare skin and it helps everything else that I use later, such as serums and moisturisers, to be more easily absorbed.

4. Insect Repellent

This is an insect repellent soldiers use; I bought it from the army market in Beach Road. It is a must whenever I’m filming outdoors. It does not smell but is so potent that it is not safe to be applied on the skin. I apply it on the hem of my clothing instead and the mosquitoes do not come near me.

5. Memoirs of a radical lawyer by Michael Mansfield

I’m currently reading this for research purposes as I play a lawyer in the upcoming Chinese legal drama Sudden. Whenever I take on a new role, I will read about the character’s occupation as it helps me with my acting.

6. Creative electronic chinese dictionary

A friend gave this to me as a birthday present two or three years ago. It tells me how to pronounce Chinese words I’m unfamiliar with and their meanings.

7. Scripts

I feel naked without my scripts. This is for Sudden, which I am currently working on and which airs in September on MediaCorp Channel 8. I prefer physical copies because I can make notes in the margin.

Her bag

A fan gave this to me. I own about 20 to 30 canvas tote bags. I carry them around when I am filming or not working. For designer bags, my favourite is the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag because it is very versatile.

Source: The Straits Times, Asiaone, Diva Asia, Lollipop

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29 May 2013 | 06:48 am

日期: 29/05/2013 | 新闻来源: 联合早报 | 记者: 黄少伟



瑞恩相隔4年后最近再接广告,与法国化妆品牌L’Oreal合作,和巩俐、李冰冰和范冰冰等国际女性一同成为Youth Code护肤品代言人。




















“我的生活很无趣,媒体没有什么料好爆,所以应该说,我适合当艺人。” 言毕,她脸上泛出一丝浅浅笑容。

Source: Zaobao

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02 March 2013 | 04:40 pm

日期: 02/03/2013 | 新闻来源: 新明日报 | 记者: 钟雁龄



网络新媒体分薄 电视收视继续跌



2. 《对对碰》91万2000
3. 《花样人间》87万5000
4. 《995》86万6000
5. 《双星报喜》85万8000
6. 《千方百计》85万1000
7. 《孤男寡女》83万3000
8. 《最火搭档2》81万6000
9. 《微笑正义》80万7000
10. 《再见单人床》80万1000

Source: Shinmin, Omy

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18 July 2012 | 05:10 pm

Under Cover: Rui En

According to NYLON’s DNA, we’re supposed to transform people – but how does one transform the resident ice queen of Caldecott Hill? We thought, let’s make her fiercer. Out came the spiked boots, studded stillettos and of course, makeup to match. Going in a completely opposite direction from her character in her new drama, “Joys of Life”, where she plays a domestically-inclined daughter of a low-income family, we gave her a dramatic, winged out cat-eye and piled on eyeshadow for depth. What we found odd was that, despite her rumoured frosty demeanor, she turned out to be an absolute joy to work with. We’re fans.

Cover story Pages 114-123

The Naked Truth

By Vicki Yang

Vintage just ain’t hip anymore; classical antiquity is in. But excepting scholastic tradition, there’s something quite misdirected about slapping a latin motto onto any contemporary venture, like pointing out its own lightweight show of gravitas and a less-than-historical credibility. But perhaps there’s kind of an apt wisdom behind the idea of “lux veritas” (an elementary translation: the light of the truth), which Rui En’s fan club has incorporated into their slogan. Indeed, a celebration of a decade-long career premised on making goggle box artifice believeable veritably demands a spotlight on the reality behind the channel 8 television images – who is the real Rui En?

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06 May 2012 | 09:36 am

1. Scene & Heard Pages 16-28

Story: Jonathan Fam & Sarah Chang

Notes on a scandal!

The recent underage prostitution sex scandal that rocked our nation got us thinking: Is engaging a hooker any different from having a meaningless fling? We conducted a poll with 21 TV stars and their reactions are surprising, especially Jeanette Aw’s.

“One-night stands are irresponsible”

RUI EN “Females tend to be a little bit more emotional so there’s a propensity for them to get hurt after a one-night stand. For men, it’s just physical. So, in a warped way, prostitution is less damning – you’re not hurting anyone.”

2. Cover Story

By: Tan Yi Hui, Jasmine Teo, Sarah Chang & Douglas Tseng

Lass Action Hero

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the only sweetheart roughening up her image to show off her alpha side.

Rui En, 31

Lassy! > She was the sub-zero ice princess who impressed us with her dramatic chops, playing emotionally vulnerable characters like a wan Aids patient in By My Side and a grieving widow connected with her dead husband’s spirit in With You.

Sassy! > She was the sub zero ice princess who did all her martial arts stunt herself in Code of Honour, but she really earned her action stripes with her portrayal as a tough-nut copper in Unriddle (and the sequel Unriddle 2). The latter saw her engaging in some serious – and convincing – mano-a-mano blows with her co-stars. How is she going to top that in Unriddle 3?

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22 April 2012 | 10:09 am

1.再现一个辉煌世代 Pages 38-53






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02 January 2012 | 01:37 pm

Happy Holidays to all! We have heard all your comments about your nominations wishlist for Best Drama, Best Variety Programme, Best Info-Ed Programme, Favourite Male/Female Characters, Favourite Onscreen Couple, Favourite Variety Host loud and clear! This week we are looking out for your voices on:

Best Actress最佳女主角

This is a little different from the Favourite categories, as that is a contest of popularity through online voting and how the characters have resonated with our viewers.

We believe the 2 rounds of nominations from the last weeks have made you familiar with the programmes produced this year, so now share who you want to see on the nomination list of 5 for these Best categories!

A quick recap of last year’s winners:

Best Actress最佳女主角 – Rui En (With you) in a backstage interview with 715 and Rui En before the award

Tell us now in the comments section below or tag tag tag tag us on:

Twitter: Follow us @ch8sg and hashtag your posts #starawards so we can find your feedback!
Facebook: Like us on Channel 8′s page here and tell us your comments on this album on the appropriate categories!
Weibo: Follow us on @ch8sg and hashtag your posts #红星大奖# too!

Source: BaguaTV

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19 December 2011 | 11:49 am

Yes, it’s coming again! 咱们本地娱乐圈的一大盛事 will be telecast in April. As the team sorts out the massive logistics of the event, we call upon you to participate too! Which hardworking star NEEDS to be awarded this year, which awesome programme MUST not be left out of the nomination list? Tell us now!

We will be trawling the cyberworld and Twittersphere to find out which artistes/programmes have left the greatest impression on our viewers so tell us here in the comments section, on our Ch 8 Facebook, or on Twitter! (see below for the links!)

A quick recap of some of the awards handed out at last year’s Star Awards:

*Rui En won Best Actress for her role Ye Si Qi as in With You 我在你左右

*Rui En wins Favourite Female Character for her role as Yang Xiao Dong in Happy Family 过好年, while Elvin Ng wins Favourite Male Character for his role as the chocolate-chugging Zou Jie Ming in Breakout 破天网.

Tell us now! We will be putting up the categories over 3 weeks:

19 Dec – Best Drama, Best Variety Programme, Best Info-ed Programme
To come on 23 Dec – Favourite Male/Female Character, Favourite On-screen Couple (drama), Favourite Onscreen Partners (variety)
To come on 30 Dec – Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress
To come on 2 Jan – Best Variety Show Host, Best Info-ed Programme Host, Rocket Award, Best Newcomer, Best Theme Song, Young Talent Award

Make sure your suggestions hit us on these platforms:

Twitter: Follow us @ch8sg and hashtag your posts #starawards so we can find your feedback!
Facebook: Like us on Channel 8′s page here and tell us your comments on this album on the appropriate categories!
Weibo: Follow us on @ch8sg and hashtag your posts #红星大奖# too!

Star Awards will telecast:
Star Awards 2012 – Blazing The Trail (25 Mar – 15 Apr, Sundays, 10.30pm)
Star Awards 2012 – Show 1 (22 April, Sunday, 7pm – 10pm)
Star Awards 2012 – Walk of Fame (29 April, Sunday 5.30pm – 6.30pm)
Star Awards 2012 – Show 2 (29 April, Sunday, 7pm – 10pm)
Star Awards 2012 – Post Show Party (29 April, Sunday, 10pm – 11pm)

Source: BaguaTV

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25 November 2011 | 04:48 pm

日期: 25/11/2011 | 新闻来源: 联合晚报 | 记者: 王英敏







Code of Honour 正义武馆 debuts 5 December 2011 7pm on Channel 8.

Source: Wanbao, ChinaPress

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