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24 January 2010 | 10:21 pm

1. Cover Story Pages 36 – 42:




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8频道戏剧Top 10
1. 小娘惹 (最后4集)
2. 主妇的假期
3. 团圆饭
4. 乒乓圆
5. 书包太重
6. 未来不是梦
7. 企鹅爸爸
8. 心花朵朵开II (最后27集)
9. 双子星
10. 当我们同在一起 (前24集)

4. 电视MSN


芭芭拉姬: 是咯,丁冬真的几可爱的,我看恩恩一直装酷妹都看到腻了,幸好这次她换pattern。
随便小姐: 恩恩和我一样嘛,酷久也闷,cute cute扮笨多好。

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12 July 2009 | 01:02 pm

The Sunday Times lifestyle | 12 July 2009 | Jocelyn Lee

Indeed, the three shows preceding The Ultimatum featured way more down-to-earth characters engaged in humdrum, everyday activities such as going to school, playing table tennis and keeping house. Viewers could identify with the characters and the plotlines.

All three serials fared better than The Ultimatum despite starring mostly second- string artists, newcomers and veteran character actors.

My School Daze was about primary school children and their kiasu parents, and starred Chen Hanwei, Terence Cao and Rui En. It had an average of 986,000 viewers from April to May.

Table Of Glory was an idol drama which revolved around table tennis. Its stars, Joshua Ang and Dai Yangtian, are promising actors whose track records as marquee names are as yet unproven. It attracted an average of 1,016,000 viewers in April.

With a median 1,076,000 viewers, Housewives’ Holiday, which aired in March, fared best of all three. The dramedy starred veteran actresses Hong Huifang, Xiang Yun and Ann Kok playing housewives with problems such as unfaithful husbands and nosey in-laws.

Obviously, viewers had no trouble identifying with such dramas dealing with real- life issues.

Source: The Sunday Times

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10 July 2009 | 11:52 pm

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16 June 2009 | 12:52 pm

(2009-06-16)洪铭铧 报道




Source: Zaobao

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15 May 2009 | 10:00 am

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13 May 2009 | 06:24 pm

In drama series The School Daze, Koh and Lim acted together once again, as a money-grubbing couple, who try all means to scrimp and save for their child’s tuition expenses. This is also their third partnership as a couple in drama series following Kinship and The Little Nyonya.

Besides, after acting as a couple for three consecutive dramas, the duo has developed a certain level of chemistry, even spontaneously adding extra lines during filming which did not require any form of communication beforehand.

Koh said that co-acting with different actors will result in different kinds of chemistry and audiences are not oblivious to the sparks created on screen. Even the ‘cool princess’ Rui En could not help but break out and laugh at the humorous pair when they start to bicker during filming.

Source: Yahoo! News

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11 May 2009 | 12:16 pm

1. Page 26
星光 自由行

2. Page 73

芭芭垃姬: 最近我都在追看《书包太重》哦,不过大多数人可能会忽略这部戏hor? 讲老师、小孩子的,很小品,但却很贴近生活。


芭芭垃姬: 瑞恩还是一贯冷冷酷酷的样子,有一点闷咧,是时候该有些突破了。


3. Page 84

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04 May 2009 | 02:39 pm

1. Back Page of Magazine
My School Daze Advertisement

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04 May 2009 | 02:14 pm

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