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17 April 2017 | 09:13 pm

by Hayden Ng

The Star Awards, also known as the yearly highlight of Singapore showbiz, has just wrapped up last evening.

For those who’ve missed the buzz, fear not as we bring to you some of the best must-knows from the ceremony. Scroll away!

The lows

1. Aden Chen drops a tear (or two)

Photo: Mediacorp

Nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award, Andie Chen brought his three-year-old son Aden Chen to last night’s show. The super adorable and wide-eyed boy walked the black carpet with his daddy and actress Rui En.

Source: Her World Plus

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26 August 2016 | 08:49 pm

By Lisa Twang


Baby Avery may not be rolling in gold (Kate Pang’s the ambassador of a pawnbroker’s gold collection), but she has been showered with gifts from her godmother Rui En.

Andie Chen, who got close to Rui En after starring together in this year’s Channel 8 drama If Only I Could as a married couple, was the one who suggested she become Avery’s godmother.

In fact, the couple got the name Avery from the 35-year-old local actress, who had originally planned to use it for her own daughter in future.

“Many people have the impression that Rui En is cold, but she is actually a very warm-hearted and caring godmother,” said Pang.

“She visits often and buys cute and quirky presents for the kids, like a blanket with a sheep’s head.

“I think she would make a great mother. She has such an intense love for children, and likes to carry and cuddle them.”

Pang joked that Rui En has yet to change Avery’s diapers, but she is welcome to if she volunteers.

Source: The New Paper, Lollipop, Her World, AsiaOne

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24 August 2016 | 09:48 am

By Tracy Low

Li Nanxing says he felt jittery handling the four-month-old because she was so delicate.

Even though local actor Li Nanxing famously played a father of quadruplets on the 2003 Channel 8 TV series Baby Boom, it was not as scary as handling a four-month-old infant for the police drama C.L.I.F. 4, which starts next month.

Even after all these years, the 51-year-old still does not have the “baby touch”.

What is ironic is that his co-star Rui En does. Ironic because she said, before filming for C.L.I.F. 4 started, that she would rather not work with babies because “they can be difficult (and) do not care that the camera is rolling”, though she later retracted her comments.

In C.L.I.F. 4, which premieres on Sept 6 at 9pm, Li reprises his role as Wei Lantian, assistant superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department and the husband of Rui En’s inspector character Huang Zhijie.

This season, they become first-time parents and have a four-month-old girl.

HUSH, LITTLE BABY: Li Nanxing stars alongside Rui En, playing her husband, in the Channel 8 police TV drama C.L.I.F. 4. Their characters have a four-month-old daughter. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/LNXGLOBAL_OFFICIAL

At the show’s press conference yesterday, Li told M in a mix of Mandarin and English: “(In Baby Boom), the quadruplets were older. (This baby) was very fragile because she was only four months old, so we had to be patient with her. I felt nervous handling her, especially when she cried. I panicked.”

He joked: “Rui En told me, ‘Can you treat her more gently?’ Whenever Rui En carried the baby, she would be calm, but when I carried her, she would be crying.”

Rui En did not attend the press conference because she is on leave. According to Lianhe Zaobao, she is overseas for a month to visit her father, who emigrated from Singapore years ago.

On Rui En’s 7kg weight gain for her previous TV drama If Only I Could and the fact that she still appeared chubby in C.L.I.F. 4, Li said: “I think it suits her mum role (here) because it is after her confinement period, where she has to take care of the baby.”

Although they have been paired up for three seasons of C.L.I.F., Li said they are not close outside of work.

While in the middle of filming C.L.I.F. 4 in April, the 35-year-old local actress was involved in a high-profile accident.

The episode put her in a bad light with the public, as many were unhappy about the way she handled things initially.


Li himself was infamously involved in a drink driving accident in 1997. He was fined $4,000 and given a 30-month driving suspension. He did not offer Rui En advice on how to cope because his case was different from her situation.

He said: “What I did was to give her space to calm herself down because it happened suddenly. We needed to give her time to process and reflect on her own… because everyone makes mistakes.

“I could tell that she was very sad on set (after the accident), but we just had to leave her alone.”

Li said Rui En was still a “professional on set” and knew how to separate her personal problem from work.

He also commended the way she apologised and bowed on stage at the Star Awards Show 1 in April, saying: “I think it is up to the individual (on how he handles his own situation), but for her to (do that), I could tell that she was sincere.”

Source: The New Paper, Lollipop, AsiaOne, MyPaper, Her World

C.L.I.F. 4 警徽天职 4 Debuts 6 September 2016, Weekdays 9pm on Channel 8

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16 June 2016 | 11:40 am

By Joanna Goh

RBKD: Kate Pang gave birth to baby girl Avery this morning. Andie shared that “If Only I Could…” co-star Rui En had a part to play in naming his girl, Avery. While filming for the show, Rui En had shared with Andie that she intends to name her kid Avery in future. Andie said that Rui En “jokingly called me a sly person, when I told her of my plans to name my daughter Avery too.” He also shared that she said she would visit them after Kate gives birth.

Source: Toggle, CNA, AsiaOne, Her World

If Only I Could… 十年…你还好吗? is now airing on Channel 8 at 9pm from Mondays to Fridays

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18 May 2016 | 10:11 am

By Gwendolyn Ng

The repentant stance that actress Rui En adopted at the recent Star Awards, where she apologised for an incident in which she drove and knocked over a parked motorcycle, continued at a press conference on Tuesday (May 17) for a new Channel 8 drama.

The fantasy melodrama is aptly titled If Only I Could…, and its protagonists are given a second chance to go back in time to change their lives for the better.

Rui En, 35, says: “Who doesn’t want second chances? Who doesn’t want to go back in time, amend mistakes and do the right thing? Such sentiments is especially heartfelt for me now.”

The actress was flamed last month for her behaviour in the traffic incident where she asked the motorbike owner, “Do you know who I am?”, a phrase that she later clarified as telling him that she would not run away without taking responsibility for what she had done.

Asked how she would have handled the situation differently if she were given a second chance, she says she does not know.

“Honestly, I’m in a dilemma. Be it mistakes or success, be it peak or hell, whatever we go through makes us who we are today,” she says.

“Initially I thought if I could go back in time, I would definitely do so – not just to half a year ago, but to the time I was a baby. I wanted to start anew. Then I realised that going through suffering may change a person for the better.”

Through this tough period, she has learnt two lessons: to be grateful and to learn how to forgive herself.

“I’ve never expected the unconditional concern, love and help given to me by my family, friends and colleagues. It has taught me not to take the people by my side for granted. I want to give back the love that they’ve showered on me during this period.”

A self-professed perfectionist, she says that she has been heaping blame on herself since the incident and she vomited at the Star Awards last month because stress triggered her existing gastric ailment.

“I’ve realise that I need to adjust (my mindset). I need to learn how to forgive myself and not put too much blame on myself. It has been tough,” she says.

Another problem she is facing – her inability to shed the extra weight gained for her dowdy character Zhen Hao in If Only I Could….

“I’m not young anymore. After I hit 30 years old, my metabolism rate has dropped. Now I don’t lose weight as fast as before,” says Rui En, who had gained about 7kg and does now know how much of that extra weight she has lost because she is afraid of weighing herself.

“I’ve always felt that stepping on the weighing scale is very demoralising when you find out you don’t lose as much as you expected to. I find it counter-productive.”

She is fighting back against talk about her chubbier face, though.

“Women go through a lot. We get criticised for ageing or putting on weight. Why is our society putting so much emphasis on physical appearance? This shouldn’t be the case.”

If Only I Could… premieres on Channel 8 on May 31 at 9pm. It airs on weekdays at 9pm.

RBKD: Click the link for the full article.

This article will also be available on The Straits Times’ Print Edition tomorrow.

Source: Straits Times, CLEO, Lollipop, Her World Singapore

If Only I Could… 十年…你还好吗? Debuts 31 May 2016, Weekdays 9pm on Channel 8

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24 November 2015 | 08:24 pm


SINGAPORE -The recent chatter about Mediacorp actress Rui En has moved on from her allegedly sulky demeanour to her new curves.

Looking rather rotund at a recent press conference, she let on that she has put on 4kg for a new role as an “auntie”.

The new Channel 8 drama (If Only I Could) will see her put on a fat suit, Rui En told reporters last week.

She found that with the fat suit, her face and limbs were too slim, which looked unconvincing, Lianhe Wanbao reported.


Her recent roles have seen her portray Singapore artist Georgette Chen in a docudrama, and an actress who becomes disfigured in The Dream Makers 2.

Gaining, or losing, weight for a role is often seen as a sign of commitment for actors, and can be a boost for their careers.

RBKD: Click the source’s link below to access the complete article.

The Dream Makers 2 志在四方 2 debuts 04 December 2015, 9pm on Channel 8.

If Only I Could… 十年…你还好吗? debuts 30 May 2016, 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: Straits Times, AsiaOne, Her World

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27 October 2015 | 07:48 pm

Neo Lirong

Celebrity stylist

When she’s not busy booking red-carpet outfits for clients like actress Rui En and actor Romeo Tan, Lirong keeps an eye out for statement pieces to anchor her #ootds.

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27 September 2015 | 01:06 pm

Tonglin captures our hearts again.

First up, a family shot of Tonglin and Jason’s parents has gone viral with close to 25K likes on Facebook. Seems like everyone loves seeing a happy family portrait. Are you one of them too?

By the way, do take note that the debut date for “The Dream Makers 2” has been revised to 4 December 2015.

靓媳妇儿见过家翁、家婆咯!󾌴 #方彤琳 #fangtonglin #ruien #zzsf2"The Dream Makers 2" debuts in December 2015.

Posted by Rui En on Monday, September 21, 2015

In case you missed our shout-out yesterday, Rui En’s at Melbourne now! She hits the ground running, filming for “The Dream Makers 2” immediately after landing.

So hopefully all’s smooth for filming and Rui En can have a good rest! Enjoy the fresh air & starry nights.

Rui En's off to Melbourne for "The Dream Makers 2". Bon voyage & may filming be smooth sailing! Be safe & enjoy the…

Posted by Rui En on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Also, might you have missed out checking on our web last week?

Because…. we shared this Toggle’s article mentioning Zoe Tay’s collectible mirror which has the autographs from the cast of “The Dream Makers 2”, including that of Rui En’s!

Also, Her World did a throwback quote from Rui En on the best beauty advice she has ever gotten. Do you remember reading this too?

Be sure to check out our web periodically for the latest updates since we don’t tweet about all articles and this weekly series focuses more on social media posts. *hint hint*

Till next week!

Bonus: Rui En’s #stunnedlikevegetables v2!

A photo posted by Official Fan Club of Rui En (@rbkd) on

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23 September 2015 | 08:49 am

By Simone Wu

Celebrities, doctors and makeup artists share their most useful beauty tips.

“I have to thank my mother for teaching me about the dangers of UV rays when I was in secondary school. I’ve been protecting my skin since.” – Rui En, actress and L’Oreal Paris brand ambassador

Source: Her World

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