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15 April 2017 | 10:49 am
Toggle:《红星预测》:郑惠玉瑞恩争视后 陈邦鋆双料视帝?

《红星大奖2017》颁奖礼明天举行。今年谁将顺利摘帝后? 呼声高的陈邦鋆能否打破纪录双喜临门? 瑞恩对上阿姐郑惠玉,谁会留名历史?备受看好的蔡琦慧能否风光领奖?Toggle场外预测!



RBKD: The English version gives more insight as to why Toggle’s internal polling went with Rui En being the hot favourite.

Source: Toggle

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