Rui En confirms new Channel 8 drama 《阴错阳差》, slated to air in March 2019. Will start filming in mid-September 2018.
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01 February 2016 | 01:58 pm
RBKD: What We Are Loving This Week (10 Jan’16 – 30 Jan’16)

These pictures have been viewed by more than 400K FB users. Are you one of them?


Posted by Rui En on Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Dream Makers 2 snippets:

Tong Lin’s first reaction to her injury – The Dream Makers 2 志…

[上集回顾]出事之后,这是彤琳第一次看到自己的伤。振作起来吧,彤琳!#ZZSF2 #TheDreamMakers2

Posted by Channel 8 on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tong Lin is disfigured – The Dream Makers 2 志在四方2 – Ep 28 High…

[上集回顾]子怀报复心切,这次不但害得彤琳被刺伤,还间接使彤琳因为突发状况以致右眼失明和右脸毁容!#ZZSF2 #TheDreamMakers2

Posted by Channel 8 on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Coincidentally, these photos were posted one after another.

A photo posted by Official Fan Club of Rui En (@rbkd) on

A photo posted by Official Fan Club of Rui En (@rbkd) on

Our dearest idol’s birthday, thank you for the well wishes!

With Rui En’s birthday (Jan 29) just around the corner, the actress’ fanclub RBKD held their sixth annual Chinese New…

Posted by Rui En on Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Rui En! ❤️#happybirthdayruien

Posted by Rui En on Thursday, January 28, 2016


必须说谢谢。 瑞恩的“粉丝会”RBKD每一年开年都会寄来手写的贺卡,给杂志,也给每一位个别编辑与记者。 感谢。 今天又收到他/她们亲手做的黄梨挞,他/她们说这也是为了庆祝瑞恩生日做慈善献给老人家的心意…… #iweekly #i周刊 #ruien #RBKD #isaythankyou#支持偶像的动力化为善心verygood #也祝你们和你们的偶像2016一切顺心继续做自己

A photo posted by Mediacorp i-Weekly (@iweeklymag) on

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