Rui En confirms new Channel 8 drama 《阴错阳差》, slated to air in March 2019. Will start filming in mid-September 2018.
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17 December 2015 | 11:44 am
Toggle: What you didn’t see on TV: The Dream Makers 2 in Melbourne

By Joanna Goh

So this is how Rui En battles the cold, so cute! Check out this pic and more in Toggle's latest photo gallery!…

Posted by Rui En on Thursday, December 17, 2015

RBKD: New photo gallery of the Melbourne shoot! Check out the following photos!

Pic #1: Front page
Pic #2: Rui En teases Qi Yuwu when he tries being the soundman
Pic #3: Photos with fans and students from Singapore who went site visiting when they heard Rui En was in town (at Melbourne)!
Pic #4: Cute pics of Rui En battling the cold winds!
Pic #7: Rui En having fun “styling” Romeo’s hair!
Pic #8: Rui En styles Romeo, and makes him a sarong with his scarf?
Pic #11: Script reading on the go.

The Dream Makers 2 志在四方 2 is now airing on Channel 8, weeknights at 9pm.

Source: Toggle

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