Rui En confirms new Channel 8 drama 《阴错阳差》, slated to air in March 2019. Will start filming in mid-September 2018.
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11 January 2015 | 08:35 am
8 Days #1265

Coverstory Pages 28 – 39

RBKD: In this 12-page cover shoot, Rui En took over as the art director and as a result, we got a glimpse of how she views the fashion-art through these styles and poses, in what she calls the most “her” shoot.

In the interview, she shared about her music taste and fashion sense, her source of influence and inspiration, and why she’s adament about not doing social media.

Rui En gave a glimpse of her two weeks’ Europe trip which she described as important as she faced periods of plateauing and how the trip served as a recharge for her. If you are curious about her take on venturing abroad, you might get your answers here too.

And if RBKD were to comment on the photos, it would be “refreshing, untypical, arty, and ‘very Rui En'”. But to be fair, this is not a fans-exclusive issue. Hence, it is actually an enjoyable read for all and there is “something for everyone” no matter what you are looking out for.

For the full article, grab your copy now at all news stands at $2 per copy from 10 January – 17 January 2015.

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