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25 November 2014 | 11:52 am

By Tammi Tan

RBKD: Xinmsn found it perplexing that “Against The Tide” was unable to become a TV triumph despite having two beloved award-winning thespians, known for churning out some pretty hardy and well-received shows. Ratings was acceptable thanks to the cast’s legion of loyal supporters.

Source: Xinmsn

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24 November 2014 | 06:12 pm

RBKD: In Xinmsn’s article previously, it was reported that C.L.I.F. 3 attracted an average viewership of 1.044 million viewers, slightly above Three Wishes’ average of 1.04 million and C.L.I.F. 3’s 1.02 million viewers as reported here.

Source: Channelnewsasia

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24 November 2014 | 09:36 am

Thank you for the love.

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21 November 2014 | 08:19 am

日期: 21/11/2014 | 新闻来源: 联合早报 | 记者:洪铭铧






Source: Zaobao

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19 November 2014 | 08:54 pm

RBKD: Three Wishes as of episode 15, has drawn an average of 1,045,000 viewers, while C.L.I.F. 3 had an average viewership of 1,044,000 at the end of its run.

Source: Xinmsn

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19 November 2014 | 05:41 pm

武琪 报道

RBKD: Rui En shines in her Dior gown at Star Awards 2013, even without having to reveal too much.

Source: Xinmsn

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18 November 2014 | 06:12 pm

The Dream Makers 志在四方 will air on NTV7, 20 Nov, 930pm from Monday to Thursday.

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17 November 2014 | 11:59 pm

C.L.I.F 3 警徽天职 3 will air on Astro AEC starting from 20 Nov, 8.30pm every Monday to Friday.

Click here for the trailer.

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15 November 2014 | 02:03 pm

Wow, has it really been 6 years? Feels way longer.

Thank you not only for the support you have given me but also for the support given to all the charities.

This year, let the focus not be on ourselves but on how to contribute to others and society. Let’s make this anniversary about that.

Lovin’ ya.


This was first posted in RBKD forum on 15 November 2014.

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