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22 July 2016 | 05:33 pm

Cover Story: A Weighty Issue

Pages 32-39

By Celine Tan

RBKD: Maybe the headline should be this instead:

“Get Real. Time For A Positive Dialogue On Body Shaming, With Rui En.”

Because that’s what this interview is really about: having a positive dialogue with Rui En on body shaming, enjoying her witty replies, with occasional spur of the moment Rui En’s brand of humour.

It’s not about plus-size or otherwise. But being seen, recognised and admired for who you are.

First half of the cover story feature is the writer’s commentary, so only the second half is the interview with Rui En.

Get a copy of this magazine at all major newsstands from 24-30 July 2016.

"In a world plagued by a horrific loss of life due to terrorist acts, Trump becoming the Republican [US Presidential]…

Posted by Rui En on Sunday, July 24, 2016

Source: 8 Days

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22 July 2016 | 01:11 pm

By Lee Weilin, Tammi Tan

With the #PokemonGO craze blazing on, we look at local artistes who remind us of some of the franchise's iconic characters, now on Toggle.sg.

A photo posted by Toggle (@toggle_sg) on

Source: Toggle

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21 July 2016 | 07:01 pm

RBKD: In the press release by Mediacorp Advertising, it was mentioned that the video received over 233,000 views and over 8,000 likes on the Facebook page of Rui En, L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador. The impressive results were also reflected on L’Oréal Paris Singapore social media platforms, attracting over 530,000 audience on its Facebook and over 142,000 YouTube views.

Source: Mediacorp Advertising

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21 July 2016 | 01:04 pm

L'Oréal Paris Youth Code Digital Campaign 2016 (ft Rui En & El…

Awesome, love this!!!! 太喜欢啦!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

Rui En X Elvin Ng for L'Oréal Paris Singapore #youthcode

#因为你值得拥有 #becauseyouareworthit

Posted by Rui En on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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18 July 2016 | 12:25 pm

RBKD: Some positivity to start the week! 󾭞🏻

In view of reduced updates, RBKD will be sharing random articles/songs…

Posted by Rui En on Sunday, July 17, 2016

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17 July 2016 | 11:37 am

张思嘉 报道

看新手爸爸帮宝宝换尿片🙄。。妈咪一脸担忧只能在旁边看着😓 #clif4 #警徽天职4 #魏蓝天 #李南星 #linanxing #ruien @rbkd

A video posted by Li Nanxing & Constance Song (@lnxglobal_official) on

RBKD: Toggle说,新手奶爸帮宝宝换尿布,妈妈只能无奈地看着。相信是许多家庭里常见的情景!

Source: Toggle

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15 July 2016 | 12:05 pm

By Joanne Goh

With You

RBKD: “With You” is a supernatural story about Zhang Yang (Chen Han Wei), the ghost, who sought Zhou Wei An’s help (Adrian Pang) to help his wife, Ye Si Qi (Rui En), to get over her grief. Toggle said that the refreshing story material appealed to viewers and hence raked in strong viewership figures and became the top-rated drama of 2011.

On the scariest thing about this drama: Toggle said nothing; they only felt pangs of sadness, a little joy, but no fear at all.

Source: Toggle

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14 July 2016 | 07:17 pm


1. The Media Development Authority conducts the annual Media Consumer Experience Study and Zero-to-Fourteen Consumer Experience Study to keep its finger on the pulse of local consumers’ media consumption habits and preferences, and to assess their satisfaction with the media services and content standards. With the growth in online content services, MDA also launched its inaugural Over-The-Top Video Consumer Study this year to measure viewing habits and usage of such platforms.

Key findings from Media Consumer Experience Study

2. The fourth edition of the Media Consumer Experience Study (MCES) was conducted between October and December 2015 with a sample size of 2,000 Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 15 to 65. The summarised key findings were:

a. Consumers were generally satisfied with local media services and content classification standards

– Satisfaction with media services scored 76.6% in 2015, up from 75.7% in 2014. In particular, respondents recorded an improvement in satisfaction with the quality and variety of media content, and customer service standards.
– There was also an improvement in satisfaction levels with content standards, rising to 74.1% in 2015 from 72.4% a year earlier.

b. Media consumption habits remained consistent over the last few years

– Watching Mediacorp channels remained as the top media activity in terms of time spent at 17.4 hours per week. This was followed closely by viewing media via websites and apps at 17.3 hours per week.
– Respondents generally relied on traditional media to discover TV shows, and digital media for online content.
– Most respondents (99.1%) who watch Mediacorp TV watched the platform ​at least monthly.
– The subscription rate of Pay TV services recorded a marginal decline to 68.2% in 2015, from 69.3% in 2014.

Key findings from Over-The-Top (OTT)1 Video Consumer Study

4. MDA’s OTT Video Study is aimed at providing insights into OTT video usage patterns, viewing preferences and habits among consumers. A total of 2,585 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents aged 65 and below were interviewed between October and November 2015.

a. More than half of those polled accessed online content

– More than half of consumers (54%) have watched online videos. This number was the highest among millennials (aged 15 to 34) at 89%.
– The most used online video services were YouTube (96%) and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram (59%).
Younger OTT viewers spent a greater proportion of their viewing time on online videos compared to traditional TV (Children – 65%, Millennials – 61%, Adults aged 35 to 54 – 48%, Adults aged 55 to 65 – 43% of their total viewing time​).

b. Viewing preferences & habits

– The top genres of online videos were Drama (40%), Movies (25%), Sports (10%), and Entertainment & Variety (8%) for adults; and Animation & Cartoons (59%) for children.
– Online videos were most frequently consumed on mobile phones for adults (41%), while the most frequently used device varied for children according to their age. For example, children below 6 years old preferred watching videos on the tablet while those between 11 and 14 years old preferred the smartphone and the computer.
– Multitasking on a second screen was a more common behaviour in millennial OTT viewers (60%), and OTT viewers aged 11 to 14 (58%).
– Only 11% of adult OTT viewers were paying for online videos. Majority of those paying (67%), were doing so on top of their existing pay TV subscription and made no changes to their pay TV subscription. ost used online video services were YouTube (96%) and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram (59%).

1 Over-The-Top refers to the delivery of content to local consumers via the Internet onto Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs.

Source: MDA, Channelnewsasia, Straits Times

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14 July 2016 | 01:16 pm

On behalf of RBKD: Glad that you enjoyed the previous article. So here's another to share.

In view of reduced updates…

Posted by Rui En on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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